Meet String Furniture

A flexible shelving system for the modern Scandinavian home

Functional and flexible furniture that doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics is a pillar of Scandinavian design. We’re always seeking to bring new brands to you, and that’s why we’re thrilled to share that String Furniture is now available at Batten Home. Here, we walk through the history of the iconic String shelving system and popular uses throughout the home. Plus, we’ll walk through our interactive custom configuration builder so you can build a system that works for your space.

String Furniture: a prominent part of Scandinavian design history

Let’s start from the beginning. If you were to enter a Swedish home in the 1940s, you would rarely find a bookshelf. In 1949, to encourage more people to own books, Bonnier’s public library announced a bookshelf design competition where the design was affordable, easy to ship, and just as easy to assemble.

Swedish architect Nisse Strinning and wife Kajsa Strinning submitted the flexible String system, which included several easy to assemble components including wire panels and shelves. String was selected as winner and quickly become a household name in Scandinavian design. In the 1950s and 1960s, String systems were mounted in the offices of New York City’s UN Headquarters. The system won a gold medal at the Milan Triennale as part of the exhibition at H55, and it became the best-selling Scandinavian furniture piece in all of Germany.

String Furniture USA

After several decades of no production, String made its return in 2004. The original system was thoughtfully revised with new elements designed for the modern home. Plus, String Furniture revamped its working practices and methods to prioritize sustainability.  As part of the relaunch, original designer Nisse Strinning introduced a brand-new piece–– String Pocket––a miniature version of the iconic shelving system.

In 2009, String was classified as Applied Art under the Copyright Act, confirming that the system is a functional and timeless work of art for homes and commercial spaces.

Over the years, new elements have been introduced, including the Works system by architect Anna von Schewen and industrial designer Björn Dahlström. String Furniture was also tapped by the Swedish Nationalmuseum to produce console shelves designed by architect studio TAF for the museum’s extensive bust collection. 

Ways to use String Furniture

Now, let’s walk through a few of the endless ways to use String Furniture at home or in a commercial space.

In The Kitchen

We love String systems in the kitchen––especially the wall-mounted options to maximize counter space or floor space. Use cabinets with swing or flip doors to hide kitchen appliances or dinnerware. Add open shelves to display spices and china. Add the rods and hooks to the metal shelves hang pots, pans, and cutlery. The bowl shelves are perfect for storing keeping fresh produce at hand. 

String Furniture USA

Feeling inspired? Design your own with our interactive builder or go with one of several popular configurations.

Not sure where to start? We love Configuration N for upper cabinet storage, featuring the handy flip cabinet doors. Configuration B features metal shelves that are easy to clean and perfect for storing kitchen utensils, spices, or anything else.

If space is at a premium, the pre-configured String Kitchen Shelf puts all of the most essential kitchen storage products in one box.

The flexibility of the system makes it easy to add or remove elements as your needs change. Even better, each element can work in another room in the house!

In The Hallway

The String shelving system is ideal in small apartment hallways and spacious hallways! Use metal shelves with a high edge to store keys and other items, adding hooks and rods for jackets, dog leashes, or whatever else. The tilted metal shoe shelves are perfect for storing and seeing all of your shoe options before leaving the house. 

String Furniture USA

If space is limited, opt for a wall-mounted option, or go with the floor panels for floor to ceiling storage. Or, opt for the String Hallway Shelf for a complete yet compact solution! Configuration F serves as a minimal shoe storage solution that also works well in a closet. You can get multiple to line a hallway and store all your shoes. 

The wall-mounted Configuration S offers two shelves for storage, a rod for hanging items, and hooks for keys and other pieces.  Add the String coat hangers for a sleek and seamless way to hang jackets and other garments.

Ready to make your hallway work for you? Design your own with our interactive builder or go with one of several popular configurations.

In The Bedroom

While the bedroom should feel like a restful space, it’s also a practical space for storing clothes, jewelry, and other items.

String can serve as a complete wardrobe system with shelves, clothing racks, and shoe storage or a sleek wall-mounted nightstand with ample hidden storage. We love how Configuration G provides ample drawer storage plus the felt bowl shelves for accessories and other items.

String Furniture USA

Design your own with our interactive builder or go with one of several popular configurations. Configurations with wall panels make it easy to clean, while larger wardrobe combinations offer nearly endless storage space. Either way, you’ll always be able to add or remove components if your needs change over time!

In The Living Room

What’s great about String is that you have the freedom to reconfigure the components whenever you want, which is perfect in the living room, which evolves in its use over time!

String Furniture USA

Configuration D is a simple sideboard set-up that looks nice below a mounted TV while providing hidden storage for electronics and other items. We love how the asymmetry of Configuration J leaves room to display a statement art piece. Configuration G features magazine shelves that are perfect for displaying your favorite books and other items. Or, opt to start with something like Configuration A featuring plenty of shelving storage with the opportunity to build it out further as your storage needs evolve.

String Furniture USA

While there are so many popular living room configurations to choose from, you can always turn to the builder to design a system custom tailored to your space. We love adding the striking Tiny Cabinet for a mini bar moment!

String Furniture offers solutions beyond the original String system. The Museum Side Table––originally designed for the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm––offers a height-adjustable and compact side table to add functionality to your seating area.

In The Office

Whether you work out of an office, have a dedicated home office space, or use one living space for work and play, String has something that works for you.

Explore String workspace configurations here, all of which include storage and a dedicated workspace. Configuration A works well in multipurpose rooms, taking up little square footage while maximizing functionality. If your office is also in a guest bedroom or primary bedroom, the wall-mounted Configuration H can serve as a vanity or a dual-purpose bedside table. While we love how String offers pre-made configurations for a workspace, the builder makes it super easy to build exactly what fits within your space, an especially important aspect when so many of us need to maximize the functionality of each room within the home. 

If you’re looking for a larger workspace, we recommend you explore String’s Works series, which includes height-adjustable desks and accessories that provide aesthetic and functional storage. If you’re designing an open office area, we love adding the wire screen with the fabric sleeve to provide separation before workspaces and also a place to pin notes and other items.


Take the functionality and durability of String outdoors with the system of galvanized shelves and panels designed to withstand the elements. Design the ideal set-up for all of your gardening tools in the backyard, or use it for a functional station on a dock or deck.

String Furniture USA

We love how the galvanized material naturally and beautifully patinates over time. However you decide to use the galvanized String elements, the result is timelessly modern and Scandinavian. 

Planning your home––or commercial space––made easy with our new tool

With so many options and components, how do you find the most ideal fit for your needs?

Our interactive String Furniture Configurator is the solution. Simply drag and drop different elements––wall panels, metal shelves, wooden shelves, accessories, etc.––and watch your idea come to life! Once you’re satisfied with your solution, simply hit ADD TO CART to receive every piece you need for your dream configuration.

With String Furniture, the organization options are endless. Invest in a flexible system that enables you to remake, reposition, and reimagine whenever inspiration strikes.

Try out the String Furniture Configurator here (desktop recommended).

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