AML Stool


The FRAMA AML Stool is a petite furniture object for everyday interiors. Suitable for use as a side table or bedside stool, the multifunctional stool takes its cues from vintage stool designs.

Dimensions: 12.3"H x 12"W 

Material: Solid dark-oiled pine

FRAMA has a focus on natural materials, simple geometry, and uncompromising quality to merge the imaginative with the practical for a warm and honest aesthetic. All FRAMA furniture, lighting, and contemporary home objects are inspired by a general appreciation of travel, nature, spaces, and stories.

Established in 2011 with a headquarters located in the historic neighborhood of Nyboder in central Copenhagen within St. Paul’s Apotek, FRAMA encourages an ongoing dialogue with the old and the new, linking digital technologies and analog traditions. FRAMA represents and collaborates with some of the most celebrated designers in the country, bringing

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