Skagerak Outdoor Furniture Favorites

Durable, comfortable, and beautiful pieces for your outdoor oasis

Skagerak by Fritz Hansen, named after the strait that connects Denmark to neighboring Nordic countries, is known around the world for furniture that ages gracefully and lasts for generations. The Danish design brand is especially celebrated for durable, comfortable, and beautiful outdoor furniture.

Here, we’re sharing the latest outdoor furniture favorites from Skagerak by Fritz Hansen, along with the stories behind classic Skagerak outdoor furniture designs so you can find the perfect pieces for your outdoor oasis.

Banco Bench

Banco Bench - Solid Teak Bench - Skagerak Outdoor Furniture at Batten Home

The Banco Bench first came to life when designer Hugo Passos was commissioned to design a bench for an outdoor exhibition called Social Seating. 

"The public bench is rare in the spectrum of furniture types," said event curator Jasper Morrison in an interview with dezeen. "It belongs to no one and is available to all; it stands as a symbol of community and enhances the quality of everyday public life."

The beauty of the Banco Bench is how it enhances the experience of nature through the use of naturally sourced materials and an organic shape. The back is perfectly contoured for seating, and the Banco Bench Double provides seating on both sides.

Banco Bench Double - Solid Teak Bench - Skagerak Outdoor Furniture at Batten Home

The Banco Bench is made from Teak, a heavy and sturdy wood type that is the perfect choice for outdoor furniture. Teak contains natural oils that makes it resistant to wind and weather. As time passes, the bench will patinate to eventually turn a beautiful silvery grey color, although you could preserve the honey-gold color by regularly using a furniture oil.

Plank Collection

Aurélien Barbry collaborated with Skagerak on the Plank collection, made notable by its light appearance and neat wooden slats crafted in solid FSC-certified Teak––made even stronger with stainless steel fittings. 

Plank Bench - Skagerak Outdoor Furniture at Batten Home

The collection started with the Plank Bench and now includes the Plank Chair and Plank Table. Pair the chair and table together for a light and comfortable outdoor dining moment.

Plank Chair and Plank Table - Skagerak Outdoor Furniture at Batten Home

We love how both the bench offers a backrest that can also serve as a surface for a glass of wine, a lantern, a vase of flowers, or whatever else you want.

Plank Bench - Skagerak Outdoor Furniture at Batten Home

"The Plank Bench is the result of an idea to challenge the function of the ubiquitous seating design, and an investigation into how I could design this piece of furniture differently,” explains designer Aurélien Barbry in a conversation with Skagerak. “I wanted to use a minimum of materials and create something airy, playful, modern and easy to build.” 

Lilium Collection

Lilium Dining Furniture - Skagerak Outdoor Furniture at Batten Home

First introduced in March 2020, the Lilium outdoor furniture collection includes a bench, dining table, dining chair, lounge chair, and a lounge table all made with just two materials: Teak and stainless steel. 

Lilium Lounge Chair - Skagerak Outdoor Furniture at Batten Home

Considered part of a new generation of Skagerak outdoor furniture, Lilium is a nod to Skagerak’s heritage of teak furniture with a modern take. Notice how the oval shape of the seat and back resembles a lily pad––hence the name Lilium. The ‘X’ detail of the stainless steel frame is another signature element of this collection. We love how the Lilium Lounge Chair provides extra space for resting, or even for having a book or a cup of coffee. The Lilium Bench can also double as a lounge table!

Skagerak commissioned BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group), an internationally celebrated arhictectal studio, to design a collection that is adaptable for a variety of environments and purposes.

“It was exciting for us to work with BIG because it was the first time they designed outdoor furniture for the urbane and outdoor spaces that usually take up their time,” remarks Ditte Buus Nielsen, Design Director at Skagerak by Fritz Hansen. “One of their main focuses was a clever use of the furniture. For instance, the seat of the Lounge Chair should be wide enough so you could move around in the chair or use the extra space for your coffee or a book. It was also an important focus to accommodate people with small balconies or outdoor areas.”

Lilium Lounge Furniture - Skagerak Outdoor Furniture at Batten Home

BIG was inspired by their home city of Aalborg, where the waterfront takes the center stage for social gatherings, casual dining, and laid back hangs. Lilium provides the furniture to enable socializing, working, and dining outdoors, in Aalborg and anywhere there’s an outdoor patio, flexible workspace, or even indoor/outdoor living space.

”We’ve always admired the collections put forth by Skagerak, combining Danish sensibilities with the responsible and sustainable production of furniture,” explains BIG to Skagerak. “We believe that together we can create a long-lasting furniture collection.”

Skagerak by Fritz Hansen and BIG collaborated with a detail-oriented manufacturer based in Indonesia. During initial production, the BIG team visited the workshop regularly to familiarize themselves with the unique production process which uses templates to ensure consistency. To hide the screws used to hold the seat to the frame, the workshop inserts tiny wood tabs into the holes to give a delicate and elegant finish.

Selandia Collection

Skagerak’s Selandia collection is described as “sea air at the summer cabin, a cool breeze on the balcony, and a wonderful get-together in the garden.” While abstract in nature, this poetic description speaks to the versatility of this collection which features foldable chairs and tables featuring slatted seats and tabletops.

Selandia Outdoor Table and Chairs - Skagerak Outdoor Furniture at Batten Home

The Selandia Table features curved crossover legs that support the tabletop, with an elegant, solid, and spacious look. For a similar option that you can fold away when not in use, opt for the Selandia Table 75 or Selandia Table 147

Selandia Outdoor Table and Chairs - Skagerak Outdoor Furniture at Batten Home

We love how Selandia Table 94 allows you to use half of the tabletop or the full tabletop, perfect for urban balconies or other multiuse patios. The Selandia Chair and Armchair coordinate perfectly with any Selandia tables and also fold up with ease when not in use.

Selandia Outdoor Table and Chairs - Skagerak Outdoor Furniture at Batten Home

Thomas Køster, owner of The Rhubarb Garden (Rabarbergaarden), an ecologically run holistic farm in Denmark, chose Skagerak outdoor furniture for their private garden and for their business, including Selandia chairs and tables.

"I bought a piece of Skagerak by Fritz Hansen furniture 25 years ago, and I still have it in my private garden. And that is also how we work. I want the farm to thrive 25 years from now," says Thomas Køster. 

Pelagus Collection

Named after both the Stockholm archipelago and the ancient Greek seas, the Pelagus collection is laid back, flexible, and high on comfort. Each piece, made with solid teak and powder-coated aluminum, is suited just as perfectly for an urban environment as it is for blending into natural landscapes.

Pelagus Lounge Chairs - Skagerak Outdoor Furniture at Batten Home

Stockholm-based Note Design Studio drew inspiration from the diverse lifestyle lived on the Stockholm archipelago. Often described as the Venice of the North, it’s where the city and nature meet in one beautiful and diverse place.

Pelagus Outdoor Dining Table and Chairs - Skagerak Outdoor Furniture at Batten Home

Featuring dining furniture, lounge furniture, sunbeds, and soft cushions made with Sling fabric, Pelagus is the perfect comfortable yet contemporary outdoor furniture, and the most extensive outdoor furniture collection introduced by Skagerak by Fritz Hansen.

“Whoever you are and wherever you are when you come to lay down on the sunbed or to enjoy this furniture, you just want that laidback feeling,” explains Susanna Wählin, an interior architect at Note Design Studio.

Pelagus Sunbed and Outdoor Lounge Chairs - Skagerak Outdoor Furniture at Batten Home

Caring for your Skagerak outdoor furniture

Though designed to last for years to come, with very little care and maintenance of the wood, it’s recommended to clean your outdoor furniture items at least once a year. That’s why we love the Skagerak by Fritz Hansen Outdoor Care Kit.

The kit includes a Garden Wood Cleaner by Auro and a natural brush made by ‘Blindes Arbejde’, a sheltered workshop for blind or partially sighted people, all elegantly packed in a practical and reusable cardboard box made by the socio-economic company ‘Kartonnagefabrikken’. 

Outdoor Furniture Care Kit  - Skagerak Outdoor Furniture at Batten Home

While the teak used in Skagerak outdoor furniture will patinate beautifully over time into a silvery grey color that we love, you can preserve or intensify the dark, golden, or honey tones of each piece with this oil specially designed for outdoor furniture.

More furniture favorites to consider

Make the most of your outdoor space by giving yourself some shade. Use the Capri Unbrella Foot to hold the Atlantis Umbrella or Messina Umbrella, with several fabric options available.

Plank Chairs Bench and Dining Table - Skagerak Outdoor Furniture at Batten Home

For a comfortable seat on a porch, balcony, or anywhere else, the Between The Lines Deck Chair and optional footrest are the perfect options. We also love the By Your Side Table, which features a removable tray and foldable base that you’ll use time and time again.

Shop the complete Skagerak by Fritz Hansen collection here.

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