Care Kit (Outdoors)


Skagerak outdoor furniture is made to last for generations. While wood requires little care or maintenance – when left outside, the surface will patinate and eventually turn into a beautiful silvery grey – Skagerak recommends cleaning your outdoor furniture at least once a year. This care kit makes it easier.

The kit includes a Garden Wood Cleaner by Auro and a natural brush made by ‘Blindes Arbejde’, a sheltered workshop for blind or partially sighted people, all elegantly packed in a practical and reusable cardboard box made by the socio-economic company ‘Kartonnagefabrikken’. 

Directions for use:
1. Place the furniture on grass if possible. lf not, make sure to rinse the surface under the furniture, as the soap may cause small stains on tiles or wood
2. Rinse the furniture with water.
3. Mix water and Garden Wood Cleaner. Recommended dosage in 5 l of water (about 5 quarts) and average dirtiness: 25 ml (about 1oz or 1.5 tablespoons).
4. Scrub the surface in the woodgrain direction with the brush. Make sure not to scrub too hard. Use repetition with moderate pressure and rinse with clear water.
5. Let the furniture dry for 24 hours and let the brush dry before storing it in the box.
6. lf the wood rises slightly after washing, the surface can be sanded down with fine-grit sandpaper.

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