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LOUISE ROE is a Danish design brand created and founded in 2010 by designer Louise Roe Anderson.

Based in Copenhagen, LOUISE ROE is a family-centric brand. Louise Roe Anderson’s husband Jan oversees logistics and commercial business while her son Emil Roe acts as brand manager. Louise’s eldest daughter Sophia Roe is a stylist who provides creative input on various projects. “Bringing my family onboard has absolutely strengthened our brand,” regards Louise Roe Anderson. “Whilst it’s not always smooth-sailing, I truly appreciate that these individuals know me inside out and support me always.”


With a degree in fashion and concept development and hands-on experience in the fashion industry, founder and head designer Louise Roe Anderson has a unique approach to design:

“It often begins with a need or a question. Should it be an accent piece or a complementing object - a solo performer or a backing group member? I enjoy employing wax to model different shapes, often because a tiny dent with the thumb can make all the difference. It's almost like a balancing act: a small choir of corresponding color and shape.”

The LOUISE ROE collection gathers inspiration from a variety of sources:

“With her sensory apparatus wide open, Louise captures and filters her environments, constantly absorbing the shapes, hues and details of the city, the nature and the people passing through. The poetry of a dancer’s pirouette, the alluring brutality of a parking lot column, the lines of a plaster balustrade on a Copenhagen roof: the possibilities are limitless.”

Graphic lines and functionalism are a big part of the LOUISE ROE aesthetic, favoring simple yet detailed shapes taking inspiration from interior design industry eras including early art deco, 1930s Brutalism, and Bauhaus minimalism:

“Concrete buildings, geometric and sculptural attributes, functionalism, but with details making all the difference, attracts me. I steer away from concentrated ornamentation and focalize light and shadow. I prefer minimal expression but without losing sight of that one detail which makes it all sing.”

LOUISE ROE Copenhagen at Batten Home

The LOUISE ROE range includes vases, cushions, ceramics, glassware, gallery objects, and more. Each design is united by the use of honest and organic materials––glass, textile, stone, Oak wood, and ceramic––manufactured in Europe through genuine partnerships with skilled independent craftspeople who have mastered their profession over many years and generations. Now, let’s explore some of our favorite LOUISE ROE pieces.

Our Favorite Furniture

Functionalism meets Brutalism with LOUISE ROE’s Funki Furniture series, where each piece is a multifunctional and sculptural statement. Each piece is hand-welded in brushed aluminum or raw iron, making them suitable for outdoor use.

Funki Furniture - LOUISE ROE Copenhagen at Batten Home

The Funki Bench works beautifully as seating or as a low profile console table while the larger Funki Lounge Tables work beautifully as coffee tables in larger living spaces. The Funki Stool 01 and Funki Stool 02 can both be used as a nightstand, an extra seat, or a side table. 

Funki Plant Pots  - LOUISE ROE Copenhagen at Batten Home

The signature Funki form is translated for outdoor-friendly plant pots, as well as beautiful hand-blown glass and ceramic vases that come in a multitude of colors.

PILLABOUT Oak Dining Table  - LOUISE ROE Copenhagen at Batten Home

Crafted in Sweden with solid European oak wood, the PILLABOUT Dining Table is a true statement piece. With its inviting round edges and warm undertones, PILLABOUT comes in two sizes. Each table is made to order and comes in three distinct finishes: black oil-stained oak, natural oiled oak, and a smoked brown oak. The same design can be found in the smaller PILLABOUT Office Table, perfect for the home office.

Roundabout Marble Dining Table  - LOUISE ROE Copenhagen at Batten Home

Portuguese marble is celebrated with the Roundabout Table series. The series, which includes dining tables in three sizes as well as a coffee table, contrasts an earthy marble top with a graphic black steel base. The marble top comes in White Carrara, Beige Moleanos, and Grey Ruivina, with the option to be finished with a bullnose (rounded) edge or a straight edge. 

Our Favorite Vases & Vessels

Balloon Ceramic Vases - LOUISE ROE Copenhagen at Batten Home

Featuring hand-molded vases and bowls in earthy neutrals and signature curvaceous silhouettes, the Balloon Vase and Bowl Series exhibits charisma. We especially love the Balloon Tray 07 to anchor a large lounge table or dining table.

Balloon Glass Vases - LOUISE ROE Copenhagen at Batten Home

We love how the series includes pieces carefully crafted with ceramic stoneware and mouth-blown glass.

Jewel Glass Vases - LOUISE ROE Copenhagen at Batten Home

The Jewel Vase Series visually resembles a gem, epitomizing the importance of valuing what is most precious in life. Jewel Vase comes in three sizes––Giant, Medium, and Small––and eight colors including opal white, amber, blue, olive, and rose.

Jewel Glass Vases Fountain Vase - LOUISE ROE Copenhagen at Batten Home

The sculptural Fountain Vase series is a playful and geometrical series of vessels hand-welded from polished stainless steel. The three distinct vases––Fountain Vase 01, Fountain Vase 02, and Fountain Vase 03––are united by an identical base and made distinct by their unique crown. “The array displays an overarching sense of circularity, visually similar to the constitution of a fountain - often associated with energetic and fundamental continuity,” describes LOUISE ROE.

Jewel Glass Vases Fountain VasePirout Vases - LOUISE ROE Copenhagen at Batten Home

Pirout Vase 01 and Pirout Vase 02 both have an alluring shape, hand-molded by skillful craftspeople. Each vase comes in a Raw White, Sanded Grey, Sanded Ocher, or Vintage Glaze finish. We love them styled with seasonal blossoms or simply displayed as a standalone sculptural object.

Our Favorite Tableware, Trays, & Storage Objects

Bubble Glassware - LOUISE ROE Copenhagen at Batten Home

With the Bubble Glassware Series, LOUISE ROE offers a wide range of beautifully crafted mouth-blown glassware pieces intended for both everyday use and special occasions. We love how each piece is distinct yet complementary when used in tandem with other pieces from the series.

Gallery Object Stone Series - LOUISE ROE Copenhagen at Batten Home

Molded by hand using Black Basalt or Limestone, the versatile and visually charismatic Gallery Object Series offer a variety of functional items that can be used in or out of the kitchen. The taller jars are ideal for storing dry goods or utensils while the wider jars can be used to store trinkets. The series also includes a Cake Tray, a chunky bowl perfect as a fruit bowl or table centerpiece, and even candleholders that showcase the raw texture of the stone.

Aged Oak Tray - LOUISE ROE Copenhagen at Batten Home

LOUISE ROE commemorates the sincerity of oak with the sculptural Aged Oak Tray. Use it as a centerpiece on its own or as a storage vessel for food or trinkets.

PISU Tableware - LOUISE ROE Copenhagen at Batten Home

The PISU tableware series is characterized by soft edges and a gentle expression. Made of ceramic stoneware, every piece is waterproof, oven safe, and microwave safe. Since the ceramic material is naturally hygienic, this tableware does not absorb odor, taste, or food colors! The array includes various bowls, plates, cups, a pitcher,  and a sweet little cup for espresso. Each piece comes in a creamy vanilla white, a rich ink black, or dreamy sky blue.

Glass Containers - LOUISE ROE Copenhagen at Batten Home

The Viggo, Verner, Vera, and Viola Glass Containers are a great storage solution for dry goods or vegetables in the kitchen or personal trinkets elsewhere. Each piece, which comes in a clear or smoked glass, is accompanied by a black-stained cork lid.

Our Favorite Textiles 

Found Rug - LOUISE ROE Copenhagen at Batten Home

The LOUISE ROE Found Rug series showcases the intricate artistry of hand-woven textiles. Each rug, which comes in various sizes in rounded and rectangular shapes, is crafted from New Zealand wool, offering exceptional comfort and durability. The visually graphic fibers add a beautiful texture while the earthy color palette is reminiscent of the earth’s soil layers.

Heavy Cushions - LOUISE ROE Copenhagen at Batten Home

Coming in three classic fabrics each hand-woven in Belgium, the Heavy Cushions have a distinct tactile experience that adds comfort and textural interest to a seating area in the living room or as accent pillows on a bed. The intricate patchwork and organic feel makes each cushion unique. The Heavy Cushion in Linen comes in charcoal, dark beige, and sky blue. The Tweed Heavy Cushion comes in two sizes, both in a striking dark grey. The soft, off-white Felt Heavy Cushion comes in two sizes and has an irresistible texture.

With rich generational craftsmanship and a signature design approach, each LOUISE ROE piece is a meaningful addition to your collection. Which one catches your eye the most? Shop the complete LOUISE ROE collection right here.

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