Fountain Vase 03


The LOUISE ROE Fountain Vase series exhibits a geometrically playful and grounding composition. Hand-welded from polished stainless steel, the three varying vases all possess an identical base, yet each displays a unique crown. The array displays an overarching sense of circularity, visually similar to the constitution of a fountain - often associated with energetic and fundamental continuity. The three intriguing articles are essentially artistic sculptures.

Also Available: Fountain Vase 01 | Fountain Vase 02

LOUISE ROE is an innovative interior design brand based in Copenhagen. Created and founded by designer Louise Roe Anderson, the eponymous collection explores impeccable designs through a lens of artistic intuition and a deep understanding of generational craftsmanship. The LOUISE ROE collection includes vessels, lamps, cushions, ceramics, glassware, gallery objects, and more.

Material: Polished stainless steel

Dimensions: 8.5"/5.9"Dia x 11.8"H

Shipping Info: Typically ships in 8-10 weeks

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