Meet New Works: Where Design Meets Purpose

New Works isn't just another design brand; it's a testament to the power of meticulous craftsmanship, boundless creativity, and a genuine passion for shaping the spaces we inhabit.

At the heart of New Works lies a simple yet profound ethos: to establish a design house where every creation is imbued with care, intent, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. CEO Nikolaj Meier brings a meticulous eye for detail and a knack for managing operations, ensuring that every aspect of the brand resonates with quality and precision, while Creative Director Knut Bendik Humlevik infuses his unique vision to craft objects that not only serve a purpose but also evoke emotion and intrigue.

What sets New Works apart is its unwavering commitment to creative experimentation. Far from adhering to conventions, the team embraces the unknown, pushing boundaries to uncover new forms, materials, and expressions. It's this willingness to explore the uncharted territory that breathes life into their work, making each piece a testament to the boundless possibilities of design.

New Works at Batten Home

It's not just about making objects; it's about creating experiences, forging connections, and inspiring a new way of living. 

Here’s how New Works describes their collection, in their own words:

New Works presents a collection at the intersection between old and new. Light and dark. Design and art. Our work pays homage to the strong Scandinavian history of craftsmanship and materiality, whilst challenging the contemporary forms of today. We collaborate with an international group of renowned designers and artisans, who display a matching fascination with sculptural forms and honest materials. These collaborative pursuits convey our love of the sensual, and of the bold.

Whether you're a design aficionado, a connoisseur of craftsmanship, or simply someone who appreciates thoughtful design, consider this your invitation to explore the world of New Works. Welcome to a place where design meets purpose, and every creation tells a story waiting to be told.

New Works Lighting

Kizu Table Lamp

Kizu Table Lamp - New Works at Batten Home

The Kizu Table Lamp, which also comes in a portable option, is composed of two bold sculptural forms that balance each other and give the design a weightless feel. Kizu appears to defy gravity while preserving a calming expression thanks to the curved shapes. 

Sphere Adventure Light

Sphere Adventure Light - New Works at Batten Home

The Sphere Adventure Light is a sculptural, portable lighting solution suitable for various settings. Equipped with a strap for convenient handling and hanging, it boasts resilience against water, dust, and impacts. Its ergonomic curved design ensures a comfortable grip, complemented by an integrated dimmer with a memory function for personalized lighting adjustments. The package includes a magnetic charging cable for effortless recharging. Whether indoors or outdoors, from balconies to nature excursions, Sphere effortlessly transitions between spaces. Its geometric allure adds an intriguing touch to any environment, while its robust design guarantees longevity through diverse adventures.

Nebra Lighting Series

Nebra Lamp Series - New Works at Batten Home

The Nebra Lamp Series, which consists of the Nebra Wall Lamp and Nebra Pendant,  elegantly harmonizes tradition and modernity, seamlessly blending classic aesthetics with innovative functionality. Nebra invites you to sculpt your ambiance with a gentle sweeping motion on its shade. Offering various lighting moods, from ambient glows to intimate downcast light, the shade adapts to different forms. Designed by industrial designer Lukas Bazle, this versatile and poetic series finds its place in a diverse array of spaces.

Tense Lamp Series

Tense Lamp Series - New Works at Batten Home

Crafted by Panter & Tourron, the Tense Lamp Series, which consists of the Tense Pendant, Wall Lamp, and Portable Table Lamp, brings forth airy and fluid shapes to captivate the eye. Exploring the dynamics of material tension, Tense showcases a cloud-like shade that gently diffuses light, exuding a sculptural essence. Crafted from Tyvek, the shade possesses a delicate yet resilient quality, resembling the appearance of crisp paper, thus adding texture and tactility to its design. Not only does Tyvek offer durability, but it is a class 1 flame retardant and 100% recyclable material. Illuminated, Tense reveals an enchanting crinkled texture, further accentuated by the interplay of light and shadow.

New Works Furniture

Bukowski Chair

Bukowski Chair - New Works at Batten Home

The New Works Bukowski Chair represents a contemporary reinterpretation of the iconic mid-century modern chair style. Exhibiting a harmonious balance between delicate refinement and sturdy construction, Bukowski's legs flow with graceful curves that convey both elegance and strength. Crafted with meticulous care, the chair emanates a dynamic energy, appearing almost as if engaged in a lively dance with its materials. Despite its substantial weight, the chair maintains a sense of grounded stability. Featuring a French cane or fabric upholstered seat at its core, Bukowski boasts a bold geometric design that sets it apart with its distinctive silhouette, offering a blend of timeless familiarity and individuality. Designed by Steven Bukowski, this chair embodies a modern aesthetic while honoring its unique heritage.

Atlas Series

Atlas Series - New Works at Batten Home

The Atlas series, which consists of the Atlas Stool, Atlas Dining Table, and Atlas Coffee Table, draws parallels to the legendary Titan Atlas, who bore the weight of the heavens. Robust legs offer unwavering stability to the expansive tabletop, forming a captivating interplay of strength and style that embodies its distinctive presence and brutalist charm. Crafted by John Astbury, Atlas pays homage to architectural motifs like porticoes and colonnades, with a primary focus on the timeless post-and-lintel construction. Employing simple geometric forms such as circles and squares, the table achieves a harmonious fusion of character and composition, epitomizing a modern yet timeless aesthetic.

Florence Tables

Florence Tables - New Works at Batten Home

The Florence Table series, which includes a side table, coffee table, and dining tables, embraces the organic essence of natural stone, honoring its earthy materiality. Every marble tabletop narrates a unique tale, adorned with veins and flickers that have evolved naturally over millennia. The interplay between the understated powder-coated steel frame and the mesmerizing marble creates a refined focal point for any living space, offering a delicate balance between subtlety and grandeur.

Mass Modular Series

Mass Modular Series - New Works at Batten Home

Crafted by the Hong Kong based multi-disciplinary architectural design studio Lim + Lu, the Mass Modular series features a daybed and several lounge tables that seamlessly blend Scandinavian materiality and craftsmanship with a contemporary, utilitarian design philosophy. This versatile series, characterized by its flexibility, practicality, and aesthetic appeal, effortlessly adapts to diverse environments, making it suitable for a wide array of spaces.

Covent Sofas & Lounge Seating

covent lounge seating - New Works at Batten Home

Drawing inspiration from the geometric compositions of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, the New Works Covent sofas and lounge seating embodies a soothing simplicity. Its sturdy upholstered frame provides a gentle contrast to the softness of the seat and back, creating a harmonious blend of comfort and style. 

Tana Wall-Mounted Pieces

Tana Wall Mounted Storage Furniture  - New Works at Batten Home

The Tana Wall-Mounted shelf, desk, nightstand, and media module is an elegant collection meticulously crafted by architect Rikke Rützou Arnved. Characterized by a minimalist design ethos, each piece in this series features a simple form, devoid of handles or suspensions, allowing the straight lines and clean surfaces to take center stage. The horizontal surface of the Tana provides a convenient ledge for displaying trinkets and cherished objects, while the vertical surface frames the piece, creating a serene and cohesive backdrop for your displays. Additionally, the inclusion of a discrete drawer in the desk (two in the media module!) offers convenient storage to keep other items out of sight. 

New Works Shelving Systems

New Works Storage Shelving System   - New Works at Batten Home

The New Works Shelving System is a testament to understated sophistication, boasting subtle intricacies while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic. Designed with versatility in mind, this adaptable shelving solution seamlessly integrates into diverse environments. Take note of the angular profiles of the wall bars and the integrated bookends, ensuring items remain securely in place. Each shelf is affixed with flat knurled stainless steel screws, adding an honest yet refined touch to the overall design. With its modular nature, the New Works Shelving System is intended to evolve alongside your changing needs, promising longevity and functionality for years to come.

New Works Accessories

Ripply Candle Holder

Ripply Candle Holder  - New Works at Batten Home

Much like the gentle ripples cascading across a tranquil lake, the New Works Ripply Candle Holder captures the essence of its surroundings with its gracefully curved forms crafted from polished steel. These smooth contours, juxtaposed with the industrial material, evoke a fleeting yet captivating aesthetic. While Ripply exudes the appearance of a sculptural masterpiece, it serves a practical purpose as a candle holder, with widening voids between its sheets of steel. Illuminate the candles to cast mesmerizing reflections on its curves, or allow it to stand alone, basking in the play of natural light.

Pleat Pitcher

Pleat Pitcher - New Works at Batten Home

Combining artistry with practicality, the New Works Pleat Pitcher effortlessly merges sculpture with everyday functionality. Crafted from polished stainless steel, its sleek silhouette not only mirrors its environment but also enhances the tactile experience of any tabletop setting. Designed by Omayra Maymo, the Pleat Pitcher serves a myriad of purposes, whether it's elegantly pouring drinks, showcasing vibrant floral arrangements, or standing alone as a captivating sculptural centerpiece.

Aura Wall and Table Mirror

Aura Wall and Table Mirror - New Works at Batten Home

Fashioned from polished stainless steel, the Aura Wall Mirror and Aura Table Mirror boasts a striking and contemporary design, capturing and reflecting ambient light with captivating brilliance. We admire the juxtaposition between its sturdy construction and soft gleam, accentuating its sculptural allure. Versatile in placement, Aura adds a touch of elegance wherever you place it. Crafted by Bjørn van den Berg, Aura embodies both functionality and aesthetic sophistication.

There’s so much more to discover––shop the complete New Works collection here.

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