New Works Lighting: Sculptural Forms + Honest Materials

Lighting plays a crucial role in shaping the ambiance and aesthetic of any space. New Works, a brand renowned for its innovative and artistic approach to design, consistently delivers lighting solutions that combine form, function, and beauty. Here, we’ll delve into the captivating world of New Works lighting designs, exploring how their unique creations transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. 

From sculptural pendants to versatile table lamps, discover how New Works' collaborations with talented international designers bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to any interior. Join us as we illuminate the artistry and craftsmanship behind these exceptional lighting pieces.


Tense Series - New Works Lighting

Crafted by Panter & Tourron, the Tense Lamp Series—which includes the Tense Pendant, Wall Lamp, and Portable Table Lamp—features airy and fluid shapes that captivates the eye. True to its name, this series explores the dynamics of material tension, showcasing a cloud-like shade that gently diffuses light, exuding a sculptural essence. Made from Tyvek, the shades possess a delicate yet resilient quality, resembling crisp paper and adding texture and tactility to its design. Tyvek not only offers durability but is also class 1 flame retardant and 100% recyclable material. When illuminated, Tense reveals an enchanting crinkled texture, further enhanced by the interplay of light and shadow.


Kizu Series - New Works Lighting

The Kizu Table Lamp and Kizu Portable Table Lamp is composed of two bold geometric forms that balance each other beautifully. The contrasting shapes give the design a weightless feel–– Kizu appears to defy gravity while preserving a calming expression thanks to the organic curves of each shape.


Karl-Johan Lamp Series - New Works Lighting

The Karl-Johan Lamp series is a celebration of nature and its contrasting factors. Inspired by experiences in autumn forests, designer Signe Hytte shaped Karl-Johan after wild mushrooms, with colors found in the woods. This soothing lamp comes in a portable option, a standard table lamp, and a wall lamp. Note the contrast between the soft curves of the glass shade and the smoked oak/black-stained oak base.


Sphere Adventure Light - New Works Lighting

The Sphere Adventure Light is a sculptural, portable lighting solution suitable for a variety of lighting needs––and adventures!  Equipped with a strap for convenient handling and hanging. Sphere is resistant to water, dust, and impacts. Its ergonomic curved design ensures a comfortable grip, complemented by an integrated dimmer with a memory function for personalized lighting adjustment. Sphere comes with a magnetic charging cable, making recharging effortless. Since Sphere is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, it seamlessly transitions between spaces, looking equally at home on a balcony as it does out in nature.



Nebra Series - New Works Lighting


Seamlessly blending classic design aesthetic with innovative functionality, the Nebra Lamp Series is a striking harmony of tradition and modernity. Designed by industrial designer Lukas Bazle, Nebra––which consists of the Nebra Wall Lamp and Nebra Pendant––invites you to sculpt your ambiance to your exact liking by adjusting the shape, and in turn the light cast, of the shade. With a gentle sweeping motion, you can switch between various lighting moods, from ambient glows to intimate downcast light. We love how this versatile and poetic series effortlessly adapts to different forms, working in a variety of spaces.



Margin Series - New Works Lighting


Designed by John Asbury, the Margin series is a modern interpretation of a classic luminaire. With Margin, intersecting and layering shades effortlessly scatter light, giving any space a cozy and comforting feel. The shades, made with a canvas fabric, have a naturally gentle texture to balance the geometric silhouette. We love the thoughtful linear element seen running through the lamp. The Margin series includes a Table Lamp, Pendant Lamp, and Floor Lamp.


Lantern Series - New Works Lighting

The Lantern series, which consists of table lamps, floor lamps, a wall lamp, a pendant, and a ceiling lamp, draws inspiration from classic Chinese rice paper lanterns. Instead of paper, the series utilizes a textured frosted glass reminiscent of the weightless glow of carefully folded rice paper. The series was designed in collaboration with Anderssen & Voll.



Material Series - New Works Lighting


The Material series is united by an intentionally simple form built to highlight the thoughtful materials used for the lampshade. From natural cork and warm oak to gorgeous stone or steel, Material is a true celebration of the natural materials we are lucky enough to enjoy in the world. Coming in a floor lamp, pendant, wall lamp, and table lamp, Material can act as a focal point or a complementary element.


Brolly Portable Table Lamp - New Works Lighting

Thoughtfully and meticulously crafted, the Brolly Portable Table Lamp is a petite yet grand celebration of simple shapes and materials designed by Knut Bendik Humlevik. Note the subtly whimsical charm seen through the slender rod that supports the conical lampshade. Brolly features an integrated magnetic charger discreetly located beneath the base and has a three-step dimmer switch.

There’s so much more to discover––shop the complete New Works collection here.

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