MUUTO: New Perspectives on Lighting

Table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, and pendant lamps for the modern Scandinavian home

MUUTO Design is celebrated worldwide for its fresh take on classic Scandinavian designs. 

“You will know our design because it has muutos: objects made sublime through new perspectives, enjoyed across the world, representing the best of Scandinavian design today.”

Let’s take a look at MUUTO’s extensive modern lighting collection.

MUUTO Design Lighting: Tip

Tip Table Lamp - MUUTO Design | Modern Scandinavian Lighting | Batten Home

Swedish designer Jens Fager collaborated with MUUTO on the Tip series, which includes the Tip Table Lamp (shown above) and the Tip Wall Lamp.

Created from the idea of stripping a design down to its essentials, the Tip Lamp brings a friendly expression to any space.

The Tip Table Lamp's adjustable head and arm feature an opal diffuser and dimmer function that effortlessly alters the volume of light. You’ll find the same features in the Tip Wall Lamp, too!

MUUTO Design Lighting: Post

Post Floor Lamp - MUUTO Design | Modern Scandinavian Lighting | Batten Home

The Post series brings a new perspective to the classic Scandinavian floor lamp.

“The Post Floor Lamp came from the idea of exploring the flexibility of the magnetic joint, giving the user the freedom to position and dim the lamp’s light units according to individual needs,” says Earnest Studio. “Designed with a sculptural expression, simple lines, and a refined finish, the Post Floor Lamp represents a new perspective through its graphic character and forward-thinking functionality. Configure up to three lighting units on the Post Floor Lamp for an elegant ambient or task light."

Earnest Studio’s Post Wall Lamp is mounted by the same magnetic joint, giving you both aesthetic and functional flexibility when lighting your space.

MUUTO Design Lighting: Ambit

Ambit Rail Lamp - MUUTO Design | Modern Scandinavian Lighting | Batten Home

Have you ever thought about what attracts you to certain shapes and forms? Stockholm-based TAF Studio explored this through the Ambit Rail Lamp and Ambit Wall Lamp.

“With Ambit, we worked with the form and proportions in a very thorough and almost meticulous way,” says TAF Studio. “There is a dynamic between the linear and rounded shape that creates an attractive outline.”

The result? 

“A timeless pendant, which never becomes boring to look at. The lampshade is made of a lightweight spun material and the dual-tone, with the inner white, adds a delicate contrast.”

For a wall-mounted option, turn to the Ambit Wall Lamp, with an easy to rotate arm and head, making it a great alternative to a traditional floor or table lamp.

MUUTO Design Lighting: Fluid Pendants

Fluid Pendants  - MUUTO Design | Modern Scandinavian Lighting | Batten Home

“We wanted to give the lamp a form with a certain softness, towards a more natural language and further removed from pure geometry,” says Swedish design studio Claesson Koivisto Rune. “Fascinated by the way that surface tension governs the curvature of a resting water droplet, we have tried to capture its essence.”

The name Fluid comes from that very artistic endeavor, and also speaks to the fluidity of the design depending on how you view it.

“The subtle irregularity of Fluid means that their silhouette gently changes depending upon the viewing angle. It also brings a greater light intensity to the lamps’ underside - just where you need it.”

We love layering the Small and Large Fluid Lamps in an airy dining or living area.

MUUTO Design Lighting: Rime Pendants

Rime Pendants  - MUUTO Design | Modern Scandinavian Lighting | Batten Home

“Designing simple things is often one of the hardest things to do,” says TAF Studio. “We wanted to create a simple lamp with a glass shape, giving it a soft expression while making its top and pendant tube as subtle as possible.”

The result is the Rime Pendant Lamp, which comes in 3 sizes. Just wait until you hear what lent to its shape.

“We were inspired by the shape of acorns for the gentle lines of the pendant while hinting towards the shaded expression of ice and rime for the glass of the design, allowing for the light to shine slightly through with a refined touch.”

We love the Rime Pendant Lamp’s timeless yet modern perspective on the classic Scandinavian pendant lamp

MUUTO Design Lighting: Strand Pendants

Strand Pendants  - MUUTO Design | Modern Scandinavian Lighting | Batten Home

Cocoon your space with a thoughtful layering of MUUTO’s Strand Pendants, a collaborative design from British-based Benjamin Hubert.

“The Strand Pendant Lamp is formed from a sprayed cocoon material with its cloud-like appearance that tightly clings to a spinning steel frame,” explains Benjamin Hubert. "It consists of tiny strands for a complex, intriguing structure that shrouds the light source while acting as its diffuser. With its see-through expression, the cocoon material allows for the Strand Pendant Lamp to filter light for a warm, comfortable glow.”

Just like a cocoon found in nature, the Strand Pendant Lamp is intentionally designed in multiple shapes and sizes to hover lightly in space.

MUUTO Design Lighting: Grain Pendant Lamp

Grain Pendant Lamp - MUUTO Design | Modern Scandinavian Lighting | Batten Home

For a modern pendant lamp that feels warm and welcoming, consider the Grain Pendant Lamp, “a versatile light with a warm and welcoming appearance, complemented by a soft form that generously spreads the light underneath,” says Jens Fager. 

The Grain Pendant Lamp comes in several earthy neutrals with a matte finish. “The design is made from a unique mix of bamboo grain and plastic, adding a new perspective to the archetypical pendant lamp through its visual expression and matte touch.”

Place a few above a dining table in an open living space to anchor and light the area.

MUUTO Design Lighting: Unfold Pendant Lamp

Unfold Pendant Lamp - MUUTO Design | Modern Scandinavian Lighting | Batten Home

The Unfold Pendant Lamp is a beautiful choice if you love the classic silhouette of a Scandinavian-style pendant lamp with a clever sourcing of material.

Made with soft silicone rubber, the Unfold Pendant Lamp can be folded into a neat package by just a simple little push on the top. Once your Unfold arrives, all you’ll have to do is open and ‘Unfold’ your new modern pendant lamp for an instant lighting source!

MUUTO Design Lighting: E27 Pendant Lamp 

E27 Pendant Lamp - MUUTO Design | Modern Scandinavian Lighting | Batten Home

Simplicity has always been an honored tenet of Scandinavian design, and the E27 Pendant Lamp is the perfect interpretation of simplicity in lighting design.

“The simplicity of the naked bulb is hard to compete with, explains Mattias Ståhlbom, architect and partner at TAF Studio. “ It stands for something that feels romantic and contemporary at the same time. E27 departs from the essence of a lamp - the socket - creating a simple yet strong object that celebrates the potential beauty in simplicity.”

Take a look at E27’s variety of vibrant color options for the cord and socket.

MUUTO Design Lighting: Under The Bell Pendant Lamp

Under The Bell Pendant Lamp - MUUTO Design | Modern Scandinavian Lighting | Batten Home

Bask in the warmth and shelter provided by the Under The Bell Pendant Lamp, which serves as so much more than just a lampshade.

“When situated over a table or in an open space, the bell-shaped light creates its own space within the environment,” says Copenhagen-based Iskos-Berlin. “As such, the design embraces and shelters the people underneath, both in a physical and abstract manner, for an intimate atmosphere.” 

Every aspect of Under The Bell exudes thoughtfulness, including the use of fibers sourced from recycled plastic bottles that help absorb sound and improve the acoustics of any room, such as an open dining space.

MUUTO Design Lighting: Leaf Table Lamp

Leaf Table Lamp - MUUTO Design | Modern Scandinavian Lighting | Batten Home

A simple and contemporary addition to any space, the Leaf Table Lamp has a dimmable LED light that works well in office spaces, bedside tables, or anywhere else you need a functional yet unobtrusive light source. The name ‘Leaf’ comes from the shade’s shape which resembles the leaves of a tree; the quiet and gently curved head changes shape as you shift it according to your needs. The Leaf Floor Lamp provides the same form and function, too!

MUUTO Design Lighting: Control Table Lamp

Control Table Lamp - MUUTO Design | Modern Scandinavian Lighting | Batten Home

The Control Table Lamp is another modern industrial light designed in collaboration with TAF Studio. This playful piece takes cues from hi-fi and industrial machinery.

 “The light and dimmer is controlled by a switch, referencing volume controls, and is an inviting and simple way of interacting with the user,” explains TAF Studio. “While designing the lamp, we were inspired by the idea of displaying the different lamp components on a serving plate – almost as a still life. It was a pragmatic approach to making a lamp by the simplest means, a reduced design beyond reduction.”

MUUTO Design Lighting: Beam Table Lamp

Beam Table Lamp - MUUTO Design | Modern Scandinavian Lighting | Batten Home

For a beam of light wherever you desire, enjoy the intuitive and playful experience of the Beam Table Lamp

Light shines from both ends of its cylindrical shape. Adjust between three different volumes of light with the turn of a dial. The rotating base allows you to alter it to suit your needs, serving as a source of direct light or an ambient glow. The choice is yours!

For more new perspectives on Scandinavian design, shop the complete MUUTO Design collection now. 

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