MUUTO Design: New Perspectives on Accessories

MUUTO vases, design objects, storage accessories, and kitchen accessories for the Scandinavian interior

The name of Danish design brand MUUTO is inspired by muutos, which means “new perspectives” in Finnish.

Every piece of MUUTO furniture, MUUTO lighting, and MUUTO accessories embodies a new perspective on Scandinavian design.

Today we’re highlighting some of our favorite MUUTO accessories, from the well-loved Kink Vase to the MUUTO Dots that turn hanging storage into a creative work of art.

MUUTO Vases and Design Objects

MUUTO Kink Vase, MUUTO Tub Jug | MUUTO Design | Batten Home Danish Design

Shown above are two signature pieces from MUUTO design: the Tub Jug and Kink Vase

“Taking visual cues from the appearance of a fuel container, we wanted to bring a new expression to the traditional table jug,” says French design studio Atelier BL119. “Through its wide opening and handle, the Tub Jug is a simple and useful object to serve as a carafe, watering can, or even a vase. Created in ceramics, the Tub Jug features a clear function when in use as well as an aesthetic presence when placed on the table, a sideboard or shelf.”

The Kink Vase brings a new form to the traditional flower vase through a combination of traditional craftsmanship and a playful design language. It adds a modern touch to any space, even when not in use. Use one or both tubes for flowers, dried grass, or branches.

MUUTO Open Candelabra | MUUTO Design | Batten Home Danish Design

MUUTO’s Open Candelabra is ideal for a windowsill or a dining table, but the options are really open to the beholder.

“The design is based on a simple idea; to create a new take on the iconic multifaceted candelabra - but with as little volume as possible,” says designer Jens Fager. “The design process was all about creating a slim, steady, and harmonic candleholder with a timeless, effortless look - and the result is a simple, almost two-dimensional object that fits perfectly on a large table, as well as in a slim windowsill. The rounded features and open form add to the warmth of a cozy candlelight atmosphere. Open is reduced in terms of both design and use of material, but still, it brings out the light in the most beautiful way.” 

We have to agree. If you love the minimal design of the Open Candelabra, we bet you’ll also love MUUTO’s Float Candlestick, too. “Inspired by the Nordic tradition of cozy candlelight, Float is an elegant candlestick named for its sense of floating across the table,” says Scandinavian design duo Anderssen & Voll. “Its aesthetic shape was designed to give space and significance to the candle. Float Candlesticks work well in groups, combing several colors to spread warm atmosphere in any room.”

MUUTO Elevated Vase | MUUTO Design | Batten Home Danish Design

“The Elevated Vase is about doing something exceptional for your flowers,” says designer Thomas Bentzen. “The wooden bowl holding the glass vase elevates the flowers, almost ritually, and frames them in a New Nordic poetic way. The materials are inspired by the flowers and branches I would put in the vase. The wood represents the roots in the soil and the glass the airy treetop, as it stands in nature. Altogether, creating a vase that combines a solid and rooted base with a light and divine top.”

We love the meaning behind the materials used in this beautiful modern vase design.

MUUTO Ridge Vase | MUUTO Design | Batten Home Danish Design

“The idea for the Ridge Vase came while traveling through different cities with a vase in mind, searching for details that had an architectural feel,” says Studio Kaksikko. “Upon returning to our studio in Finland, we began sketching by hand and making mock-ups in paper and ceramics. With its vertical lines and unique shape, inspired by a doorway in Paris, the Ridge Vase presents a new way to place flowers through a modern expression along with a sculptural character when not in use. The Ridge Vase manipulates the oval form through its refined dent while adding the function of a small handle to use when moving the vase from one room to another.”

True to MUUTO’s namesake, we love how this vase offers new perspectives on flower placement.

MUUTO Storage Accessories: Restore Basket, Dots, & more

MUUTO Attach Coat Hook | MUUTO Design | Batten Home Danish Design

”The Attach Coat Hook arose from an interest in the meeting of two elementary shapes: a cylinder and a rectangular box,” says independent Swiss designer Dimitri Bähler. “From there, the design was created by combining a simple wood cylinder with an anodized aluminum form, joining together industrial and natural materiality. With its contrasting elements, the Attach Coat Hook brings a refined yet sturdy perspective to the modern coat hook.”

With several playful colorways, this wall hook is a great option to maximize space in an entryway.

MUUTO Dots Wood Set of 5 | MUUTO Design | Batten Home Danish Design

”The Dots Wood Set of 5 [is] a characteristic family of hooks that make a friendly addition to any wall,” says Danish designer Lars Tornøe. “With their smooth, round edges, they will treat your clothes with the greatest care. Designed in multiple sizes and colors, The Dots Wood Set of 5  can be arranged in any pattern imaginable to express your personal taste. Oh, and feel free to add more as time goes on: The Dots love to welcome one another on the wall.” 

Made with carefully selected wood, each MUUTO Dot is unique. The set of 5 can be styled any way you choose in a closet, hallway, or entryway. 

MUUTO Folded Shelves | MUUTO Design | Batten Home Danish Design

Johan van Hengel is a problem solver by both nature and training, and you can see his logical and investigative approach to design through MUUTO’s Folded Shelves collection.  “Inspired by the shadow-play of layers, Folded is based on a seemingly simple bending technique of a single sheet of metal to create pockets which hold and separate your items,” says Johan van Hengel. “Featuring a subtle bolt and hooks for hanging objects, it is a versatile wall mount that can be used in both a practical and a decorative manner - suitable for organizing anything from mail to books, perfumes, or spices, or just displaying your favorite belongings, in the hallway, bathroom, bedroom or kitchen.”

MUUTO Arrange Desktop Series | MUUTO Design | Batten Home Danish Design

Made with 100% recycled plastic plus a cork or anodized aluminum lid, MUUTO’s Arrange Desktop Series is a sustainable perspective on modern storage in the home office or workplace.

MUUTO Arrange Desktop Series | MUUTO Design | Batten Home Danish Design

”We wanted to create a flexible system that allowed for us to organize things on a desk or shelf,” says Swiss design studio Big-Game. “A focal point in the design process was to make the design playful by encouraging the user to interact with it, using and reconfiguring the combination of trays, paired with an expression that is inspired by contemporary architecture. With its trays made in 100% recycled plastic and lids in cork and aluminum, the Arrange Desktop Series brings a forward-thinking perspective to modern storage.” 

MUUTO Restore Basket, Restore Tray | MUUTO Design | Batten Home Danish Design

“I wanted for the Restore Series to have a humble character, allowing for it to easily fit into any environment,” says Finnish designer Mika Tolvanen. “With its felt material made using fibers from recycled plastic bottles, the Restore Series has a curious and inviting expression while its corner slits bring a distinct look and added functionality to the design."

Consisting of a tray, basket, and round basket, the Restore Series is made in soft PET felt, which partially comes from recycled bottles. The soft materials are ideal for linens, magazines, office supplies, toys, and even wood logs––the options are endless.

MUUTO Kitchen Accessories

Now, let’s head to the kitchen.

MUUTO Corky Carafe | MUUTO Design | Batten Home Danish Design

“The shape of the Corky Carafe is inspired by the archetypical bottle,” explains Norweigan designer Andreas Engesvik. “It is a straightforward combination of glass and cork that functions equally well as a wine carafe, a water jug, or even a milk bottle.”

MUUTO Corky Drinking Glasses | MUUTO Design | Batten Home Danish Design

As Engesvik says, “Corky has a simple and familiar form but with a characteristic and oversized detail. The Corky Drinking Glasses are small and light companions for the Corky carafe. With a low-key and light expression, they are suited for both everyday use and special occasions with friends and family.”

A taller version of the Corky Drinking Glasses can be found here.

MUUTO Platform Tray | MUUTO Design | Batten Home Danish Design

“With the Platform Tray , we wanted to create a design that had duality at its hearts, incorporating the ideas of Scandinavian design by involving functionality across different levels: It can sit on a table surface to hold your favorite objects, raising them up on a platform, or it can be picked up and used as a tray for moving elements from one room to the other,” explains design duo Sam Hecht & Kim Colin. “This collision of functions—a small table and a small tray—creates room for dynamic contexts as well as still life settings. It is also repeated in the tray’s materials: Molded plastic is shared with veneered wood, allowing for the Platform Tray to complement multiple atmospheres.”

Shop the complete MUUTO Design collection here. 

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