Selandia Armchair Cushion



Cushion for the Selandia Armchair, custom-made to fit the Selandia collection. It's easy to tie the cushion to the seat with strings. The cushion fabric are Oeko-Tex certified, able to withstand wind and weather while being water-repellant, dirt-repellant, and mildew-resistent. Even after heavy rain, the cushion dries exceptionally quickly thanks to the foam's open-cell structure, allowing water and air to pass through. It also makes for a firm and comfortable texture for sitting!

The Selandia Armchair speaks of Nordic nostalgia with a minor French influence. Elegant and comfortable, this folding armchair by Skagerak is a truly stunning addition wherever it is placed. Despite its curvy shape, it takes up no space when folded away.

We love the versatility of the Selandia Collection from Skagerak! It paints the scene of a classic Scandinavian with its sleek design and is made of high quality teak that will stand the test of time when properly cared for. We love it styled on a shaded backyard patio or even the middle of the garden for the perfect scenic lunchtime or cocktail getaway. 

Shop the full Skagerak Selandia collection here.

    Material: Outdoor Textile / Quickdry Outdoor Foam

    Dimensions: 16.54"L x 16.54"W x1.18"H

    Shipping Info: Typically ships in 7-10 days.

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