Louis Poulsen

PH Artichoke Pale Rose


This iconic pendant from Louis Poulsen continues to inspire with its unique design. The PH Artichoke features 72 hand-mounted leaves, ensuring a glare-free light and distinctive shape, reminiscent of an artichoke. The original design had a rosy hue on the inner sides of the leaves, inspiring the PH Artichoke Pale Rose, a striking statement piece.

Also Available: Artichoke Pendant Lamp

Dimensions: 23.6"W x 22.8"H x 23.6"L Cord length: 12ft

Shipping Info: Typically ships in 6-10 days


  • Leaves: Laser cut steel.
  • Top shade: Pale rose, spun steel.
  • Frame: High luster chrome plated, laser cut steel.
  • Suspension: High luster chrome plated, spun aluminum.

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