Louis Poulsen

Artichoke Pendant Lamp


The Artichoke Pendant Lamp by Louis Poulsen is one of the most definitive designs created by Poul Henningsen. Originally designed in 1958, the Artichoke Pendant has become one of the most popular designs, originally created for a restaurant in Copenhagen called the Langelinie Pavilion, and they are still hanging there today.

Available in four different sizes and a variety of colors, the Artichoke Pendant Lamp can be utilized in any space of the home. Its versatile design features 72 "leaves" - strategically placed to allow the center light to be hidden from the view from any angle while softly distributing the light.

We love this piece as a statement lighting fixture, and we also love the smaller sizes paired with each other for standout groupings.


Small - 18.9"D x 18.4"H | Requires 1x200W Max A-23 CL Medium Bulb

Medium -  23.6" D x 22.8"H | Includes 97W LED, 2700K  DIM 0-10V

Large -  28.3"D x 25.6"H | Includes 97W LED, 2700K, DIM 0-10V

Extra Large -  33.1"D | 28.3" H | Includes 97W LED, 2700K, DIM 0-10V

Shipping Info: Typically ships in 6-8 weeks 

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