Ferm Living

Tuck Scented Candle


The Ferm Living Tuck Candle replicates the admirable Tuck Vase, with gorgeous yet subtle scents of cashmere, lemongrass and fig. When lit, the candlelight perfectly reflects off the uniquely crumpled surface, mirroring the shape of discarded paper. The richly colored glaze makes these candles perfect for styling in any room of the home.

Cashmere has a fragrant and warm chamomile scent

Blue has a bright lemongrass scent

Red Brown has a subtle fig scent

Burn time is approximately 40 hours

Material: Soy wax candle fills the stoneware vase with glossy glaze, delicately packed in a cotton satchel. 

Also available: Ferm Living Tuck VaseFerm Living Tuck Pot

Dimensions: 3.5"H x 3.5"D

Quickship: Ships in 1-3 days from our US based warehouse

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