MUUTO: New Perspectives on Living Room Furniture

Sideboards, lounge chairs, sofas, coffee tables, and side tables from MUUTO Design

We love all things MUUTO. After highlighting MUUTO accessories a few weeks ago, we couldn’t help but highlight our favorite MUUTO furniture, too. 

Every piece of MUUTO furniture embodies a new perspective on Scandinavian design.

Today we’re highlighting some of our favorite MUUTO furniture for the Scandinavian design living room.

MUUTO Sideboards

Let’s start with a Scandinavian staple: the sideboard. Sideboards can double as storage and a place to prop your TV and other electronics, or you can use it as a dining space.

MUUTO Design Enfold Sideboard Low | Batten Home Modern Home Decor from Danish Design Brands

“The Enfold Sideboard joins a warm touch of oak with a contemporary look  of its ridged front, softening up the cold steel material and binding it together with the sideboard’s oak components,” says designer Thomas Bentzen. “The design is a new perspective  on the traditional sideboard with an at once industrial and homey feeling, characterized by its unique duality of materials.”

The unique sliding doors made with lacquer steel are punched and bended, resulting in a ridged surface that is both graphic and modern. The two shelves can be adjusted across five different levels.

MUUTO Design Enfold Sideboard Tall | Batten Home Modern Home Decor from Danish Design Brands

The Tall Enfold Sideboard is great if you need to maximize your wall space, with a single shelf that can be placed across three different levels.

"The Enfold Sideboard came from the many factory visits that I do as a designer, prompting me to explore the aesthetic appeal of industrial objects,” says Bentzen. “I wanted to translate this element into the modern home, combined with an appreciation of the Scandinavian design tradition."

MUUTO Design Reflect Sideboard | Batten Home Modern Home Decor from Danish Design Brands

Reflect owes its stunning and unique looks to the phenomenon under which it was envisioned: The natural light of Scandinavia,” says designer Søren Rose. “The four corners on each front have a unique thickness and curve that contributes to the light reflections of the drawers.” The design and craftmanship of the Reflect Sideboard underlines the warm and natural feeling of the oak wood, all while giving a nod to the masters of classic Scandinavian furniture making. 

MUUTO Doze Lounge Chair and Ottoman

MUUTO Design Doze Lounge Chair and Ottoman | Batten Home Modern Home Decor from Danish Design Brands

Take a seat and put your feet up to read and maybe a little nap with the Doze Lounge Chair and Ottoman.

“Scandinavia has a long tradition of extensively comfortable lounge chairs; at the heart of our design heritage lies the versatile concept of comfort. As such, the idea of creating a grand lounge chair came very natural to us,” says the design duo Torbjørn Anderssen and Espen Voll. “The visual references of the Doze Lounge Chair are however derived from the modern and clear lines of the Golden Age in Danish design, while at the same time being informed by some of our favorite designs of the 1970s. To us, the characteristically large and sheltering back that embraces the soft seat creates a combination of the Scandinavian design ethos and the lines of 1970s objects in a way that we find truly refreshing.“

MUUTO Oslo Series

MUUTO Design Oslo Lounge Chair | Batten Home Modern Home Decor from Danish Design Brands

The Oslo Lounge Chair is a modern and vibrant take on a comfortable seat with a deep comfort and an embracing, elegant silhouette. With its inviting and sculptural curves, the Oslo Lounge Chair is appealing on its own or in formations, like a conversation area in a spacious living room or next to the Oslo Sofa. If you like the Oslo Lounge Chair, the Oslo Side Chair is a great additional seating option in the living room or dining room.

MUUTO Design Oslo Sofa | Batten Home Modern Home Decor from Danish Design Brands

“We wanted to make a sofa series with a light and inviting appearance, without compromising on comfort. The horizontal division in the seat is important, as it allowed us to add extra comfort in the lower part of the furniture while maintaining an airy overall expression,” explains Torbjørn Anderssen and Espen Vol. “The Oslo Sofa Series is crafted on the west coast of Norway and with its embracing and rounded softness, it stands as a natural extension to the Nordic touch and friendliness that characterizes the designs of MUUTO.”

The Oslo comes in two sizes: the Two-Seater and Three-Seater.

MUUTO Rest Sofa

MUUTO Design Rest Sofa | Batten Home Modern Home Decor from Danish Design Brands

“The Rest Sofa Series brings a warm and inviting appearance to modern spaces through its deep comfort and friendly lines,” says Anderssen & Voll. “With its ultra-soft cushioning and subtle details of its folded armrest and modern outline, the design brings new perspectives to the modern Scandinavian sofa for spending a whole day in.” 

Spend the day on the couch with either the Rest Sofa Two-Seater or the Rest Sofa Three-Seater

MUUTO Cover Chairs

MUUTO Design Cover Armchair | Batten Home Modern Home Decor from Danish Design Brands

Cover is born from a desire to create a comfortable and contemporary armchair in wood,” explains designer Thomas Bentzen. “I aimed for a crisp and vivid expression in the plywood while looking for a solid and grounded look in the frame and base of the chair. Three years of play and hard work in the making has resulted in a light, yet strong armchair, playing and taking the molded veneer to its extreme.”

MUUTO Design Cover Lounge Chair | Batten Home Modern Home Decor from Danish Design Brands

“The Cover Lounge Chair came from a desire to create a comfortable lounging design in wood that was at once modern and timeless whilst deeply rooted in the traditions of Scandinavian craftsmanship,” explains Bentzen.

The lounge chair version brings added comfort while remaining true to Scandinavian craftsmanship.

“The Cover Lounge Chair has a large, embracing seat while taking up little space in the room, joined by a refined yet durable appearance,” Bentzen says.

MUUTO Fiber Series

MUUTO Design Fiber Lounge Chair | Batten Home Modern Home Decor from Danish Design Brands

“One of the most difficult and noble disciplines of design is to create simple, well-functioning and almost ordinary objects that nevertheless have a strong identity. We designed the Fiber Lounge Chair to do just that through a clear and sculptural language that refuses to compromise on comfort, embracing the body of its user,” says Copenhagen-based design duo Iskos-Berlin. “With a light and almost hovering appearance, the design joins soft, friendly curves with an innovative wood fiber composite, giving the Fiber Lounge Chair a unique expression and inviting seat.”

Shown above is the Fiber Lounge Chair with a Tube Base made with powder-coated steel.

MUUTO Design Fiber Lounge Chair | Batten Home Modern Home Decor from Danish Design Brands

Shown here is the Fiber Lounge Chair with a Wood Base, cut from solid oak and wet lacquered.

Both base options offer a variety of upholstery options, too.

MUUTO Visu Lounge Chair

MUUTO Design Visu Lounge Chair | Batten Home Modern Home Decor from Danish Design Brands

“The idea for the Visu Lounge Chair was to create an elegantly simple interpretation of the archetypal plywood chair. I wanted for the design to have a subdued and timeless character that would add feelings of modern familiarity to any room together with a comfortable seat in form-pressed veneer,” says Finnish designer Mika Tolvanen. “The Visu Lounge Chair is designed with elegant curves and grand comfort for a new perspective on the traditional wooden chair, echoing the ideas of Scandinavian design together with a modern expression."

MUUTO Coffee Tables: Around

MUUTO Design Around Coffee Table | Batten Home Modern Home Decor from Danish Design Brands

Shown above is the Extra Large Around Coffee Table designed by Thomas Bentzen. With its round shape and multiple sizes, the Around Coffee Table can be used on its own or in combination with different sizes, such as the small and large. The contemporary design is perfect for the Scandinavian living room.

MUUTO Coffee & Side Tables: Airy

MUUTO Design Airy Tables | Batten Home Modern Home Decor from Danish Design Brands

”The idea behind Airy was to create a side table that did not scream but still was not afraid to speak. The result is a table series that masters the fine balance between being light and airy, and at the same time having plenty of personality and individuality,” says prominent Denmark designer Cecilie Manz. “Due to this combination Airy gets a multi-functionality that makes the side tables suitable for every kind of interior.”

We love the endless combination that Airy Tables offer!

MUUTO Coffee Tables: Workshop 

MUUTO Design Workshop Coffee Table | Batten Home Modern Home Decor from Danish Design Brands

"The Workshop Coffee Table is a design that is pared down to the essence,” says Cecile Manz. “Deliberately simple in its expression, the table has an almost archetypical appearance that comes from a wish to make as little noise as possible—the details and joints are doing all the talking."

Shown here is the 47.2 x 16.9 size, but a larger square size is a great option for spacious living rooms.

With an appearance that is at once light and elegant, the Workshop Coffee Table fits perfectly into any living room, serving as a traditional coffee table as well as side table. In addition to its obvious function, the design can also be placed in the hallway to act as a counter object.

MUUTO Side Tables: Relate

MUUTO Design Halves Side Table | Batten Home Modern Home Decor from Danish Design Brands

“Through the gentle shapes and angled edges of its table top, the Relate Side Table makes an understated yet bold statement, serving a functional purpose while adding a touch of modern design to any space,” says Swiss design studio Big-Game.

The first-ever design by Big-Game for MUUTO, the Relate Side Table’s silhouette juxtaposes the idea of two soft shapes connected by a bent and angled metal bar. 

We love how this compact design can be used as a laptop table or side table in a living space that also doubles as a workspace.

MUUTO Side Tables: Halves

MUUTO Design Halves Side Table | Batten Home Modern Home Decor from Danish Design Brands

“The Halves table is youthful and informal in its aesthetics, but represents more traditional values of durability and practicality simultaneously,” says Toronto-based MSDS Studio. “We were inspired by the unique properties of the solid surface material which led to the specific exploration of form with an emphasis on planes and intersections. We further wanted to pursue a form that was practical, yet somewhat abstract, and therefore played with asymmetry: Halves presents different aspects of itself over time, depending on the position of the observer.”

We love how this table can look different depending on where you place it, allowing you to reinvent your space by simply rearranging one side table.

Shop the complete MUUTO Design collection here. 

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