How To Design A Scandinavian Style Entryway

Looking to design and style a functional and beautiful entryway? Let’s go through each and every step to design the Scandinavian entryway of your dreams, including great entryway furniture ideas that combine function, durability, and aesthetics.

Use a console, sideboard, or shelving for storage and a useful surface

We have entryway furniture ideas that work for a multitude of spaces.

Georg Console Table - Skagerak | Scandinavian entryway furniture - Batten Home

Made with 100% FSC-certified oak, the two-legged Georg Console Table from Skagerak is a welcoming spot for keys and other things as you walk into the door without taking up too much space. There’s plenty of room for storage baskets underneath, too (we like these a lot).

Corbel Shelf - MENU | Scandinavian entryway furniture - Batten Home

The Corbel Shelf from MENU is a modernist, wall-mounted podium that combines marble, wood and metal in one functional piece. The minimalist silhouette is expressive yet understated, effortlessly adapting to any setting, and ideal for compact entryways where you need to maximize every inch.

Tall Enfold Sideboard - MUUTO | Scandinavian entryway furniture - Batten Home

For a sideboard with ample storage, we love the Tall Enfold Sideboard.  Thomas Bentzen, who collaborated with MUUTO on this piece, says how it “combines the warm touch of oak, referencing the wooden sideboards of the 20th century, with the contemporary expression of its ridged steel front, softening up the cold material and binding it together with the sideboard’s oak components. The design is a new perspective on the traditional sideboard with an elegant and simple look, complemented by a unique duality of materials.”

Zet Shelving Unit - MENU | Scandinavian entryway furniture - Batten Home

The ZET Shelving Unit is a smart shelving system with a light, airy, and minimalistic appearance. The whole system consists of two components only: the wooden u-shaped shelves and the metal frame construction. By assembling those two parts, you are able to build several different formations in order to achieve the expression you prefer – right now and in in the future. The design is easily assembled and can be changed and remodeled whenever you want, making it perfect for an entryway that evolves as you do.

Folded Shelves - MUUTO | Scandinavian entryway furniture - Batten Home

No room for a wall-mounted shelf or table? These Folded Shelves are super versatile wall mounts that are both practical and decorative. Organize mail and other items you need right by the door without taking up any floor space. The design is inspired by the shadow-play of layers, using a bending technique with a single sheet of metal to create pockets to hold and organize items.

Add a convenient and sleek light with one of these portable lamps.

Style with functional sculptural objects for keys, mail, and other trinkets

Rather than throwing your keys, mail, and other odds and ends, use functional sculptural objects to add structure and definition. Here are some of our favorite storage objects.

Nomad Tray and Box - Skagerak | Scandinavian entryway furniture - Batten Home

The solid wood Nomad Tray and Nomad Box are the perfect little pieces to house your change, keys, and wallet. Each piece is made with thoughtfully sourced 100% FSC-certified oak, making them heirloom quality.

Bent Box - Normann Copenhagen | Scandinavian entryway furniture - Batten Home

We love designs that honor both Scandinavian principles and Japanese minimalism. The Bent Box from Danish design brand Normann Copenhagen is the perfect example. The idea behind the boxes comes from traditional Japanese magewappa bento boxes made from bentwood. The Bent Box's simple, geometric, yet organic shape is somehow both charming and edgy. “Our hope is that the user will intuitively integrate the boxes into their daily lives and use them without thinking twice," explains Visibility, the design group that collaborated with Normann Copenhagen. Have one Bent Box for each member of your household and stack them to maximize space. 

Oyster Bowl - Ferm Living | Scandinavian entryway furniture - Batten Home

The delicate little Oyster Bowl was, as the name suggests, formed based on the shell of an oyster. We love this Ferm Living piece  as a beautiful catch-all for smaller trinkets.

Yama Holder - Ferm Living | Scandinavian entryway furniture - Batten Home

Let the Yama Holder, also from Ferm Living, provide a place for your mountain of mail. Named after yama, the Japanese word for mountain, the Yama Holder is made from recycled casted alumnium, giving a rough finish and form reimiscient of the wild and untamed landscape of a mountain range.

Large Sandstone Desk Organizer - Kristina Dam Studio | Scandinavian entryway furniture - Batten Home

Kristina Dam’s sculptural Large Sandstone Desk Organizer can be used to organize items outside the office, too. The sandstone gives the minimal piece an irresistible texture and looks beautiful without any items in it, too.

Add hooks or a coat rack for jackets and other items

Modern Scandinavian design sees the opportunity to make ordinary elements extraordinary.  Hooks, or a coat rack, are a must for jackets, leashes, outerwear, bags, and more. 

Oak Column Coat Rack - Kristina Dam Studio | Scandinavian entryway furniture - Batten Home

Kristina Dam turned to the form of conic pillars to create her Oak Column Coat Rack. Mount several together for a visually striking sculptural moment that also serves a purpose. Each piece features four durable hooks.

Cutter Coat Rack - Skagerak | Scandinavian entryway furniture - Batten Home

Skagerak’s Cutter Collection was introduced to provide high-quality, solid wood storage solutions for entryways and hallways. The Cutter Coat Rack is just one piece in the collection, featuring simple stainless steel hooks. It comes in oak, teak, or black painted oak, ready to match with other pieces from the Cutter Collection.

For more on the Cutter Collection, see this blog post.

Grid Coat Hanger - Kristina Dam Studio | Scandinavian entryway furniture - Batten Home

With a shelf, a bar, and plenty of hooks, the Grid Coat Hanger packs a ton of function into one sleek and minimal storage solution. We love the detail of the perforated steel shelf. Store items you need to keep out of reach from pets or kids!

Attach Coat Hook - MUUTO | Scandinavian entryway furniture - Batten Home

"The Attach Coat Hook arose from an interest in the meeting of two elementary shapes: a cylinder and a rectangular box,” explains Dimitri Bähler. “From there, the design was created by combining a simple wood cylinder with an anodized aluminum form, joining together industrial and natural materiality. With its contrasting elements, the Attach Coat Hook brings a refined yet sturdy perspective to the modern coat hook.” It comes in a set of two, so you can get however many you need (we recommend 2 per household member plus a few more for guests/pets).

Dots Wood Set of 5 - MUUTO | Scandinavian entryway furniture - Batten Home

”The Dots are a characteristic family of hooks that make a friendly addition to any wall. With their smooth, round edges, they will treat your clothes with the greatest care, says designer Lars Tornøe. “The Dots can be arranged in any pattern imaginable to express your personal taste. Oh, and feel free to add more as time goes on: The Dots love to welcome one another on the wall.” This set of 5 Wood Dots is the perfect starter kit for your entryway!

Avail Coat Rack - MUUTO | Scandinavian entryway furniture - Batten Home

“The emphasis for the Avail Coat Rack was not necessarily to create something different but rather something better—a design that will last for years and give satisfaction in daily life,” explains Avail’s creators Sam Hecht and Kim Colin. “Working from the belief that a pleasant life is generated by the sum of its parts, the Avail Coat Rack is designed with the values of simplicity, honesty and utility. Through its hooks that can be continuously rearranged while adding notes of color to the warm touch of its oak surface, the Avail Coat Rack can evolve with our changing daily needs and reflect our perspectives with its small plateau upon which images, postcards and other objects can be placed.” Such a great way to stow outerwear in an entryway!

Curve Hook - Normann Copenhagen | Scandinavian entryway furniture - Batten Home

Normann Copenhagen’s Curve Hooks are a modern and playful way to welcome you and your guests into your home. Danish designer Peter Johansen designed this wooden hook in the shape of a J, with faceted rounding that breaks up the simple feel and gives an edge to the slightly oversized design. Its form makes references classic 1950s Danish design. ”I've always liked hanging things up. I'm fascinated by the shape of hooks and intrigued by their function,” says Johansen. “More and more people are opting out of using the little loop for hanging up their coats. This requires a wider coat hook that is gentler on the clothing material. The Curve Hook is intended as a humorous item for the wall, where you can hang 1, 2, 3 or 10 for different purposes.” 

Keep shoes within reach

A dedicated shoe storage solution is a smart move, especially if you have a lot of pairs on hand.

Sko Shoe Rack - Normann Copenhagen | Scandinavian entryway furniture - Batten Home

Normann Copenhagen is all about making the ordinary extraordinary through great design, and the Sko Shoe Rack is the perfect example. Designed without any unnecessary components, this shoe rack design features accentuated screws and bolts along with perforated shelves that cast shadows on the floor, also making it easy to clean.  ”I really like designing things that are not typically seen as design products,” says Simon Legald. “For me, a shoe rack is something that is overlooked in the world of design and therefore, it has been a fun process.” 

A Line Shoe Rack - Form and Refine | Scandinavian entryway furniture - Batten Home

Similar to the Sko, the A Line Shoe Rack is made to embellish practical areas in the home like the entryway with carefully designed pieces. The shoe rack also provides a console table narrow enough to fit in more compact entryways. Made with sustainably sourced oak, the A Line Shoe Rack fits at least 3 pairs of shoes on each row. You can mount it on the wall, or lean it for a more rental-friendly solution.

Add a stool or bench for seating

If there’s room in your entryway, a stool or bench always come in handy for putting on and taking off shoes. Some even come with storage!

A Line Storage Bench - Form and Refine | Scandinavian entryway furniture - Batten Home

The A Line Storage Bench coordinates perfectly with the A Line Shoe Rack, both from Danish design brand Form and Refine. The bench is Form and Refine’s updated take on the classic storage bench. With slightly reduced dimensions, it’s perfect for an entryway, with plenty of storage space below. 

Georg Bench - Skagerak | Scandinavian entryway furniture - Batten Home

The Georg Stool or Georg Bench are both classic Scandinavian seating options that also pay tribute to Japanese minimalism. Like all Skagerak furniture, each piece is heirloom quality, ready to provide a seat for generations to come.

Cutter Collection - Skagerak | Scandinavian entryway furniture - Batten Home

Skagerak is a master of benches and stools, including those from the Cutter collection: The Cutter Bench and Cutter Stool. The Cutter Bench draws inspiration from the German Bauhaus movement. Its clean simple lines and honest materials make it a great option for an entry space. Add storage beneath with the Cutter Box, which has wheels underneath to make it easy to slide in and out.

Bench 153A in Black - Artek | Scandinavian entryway furniture - Batten Home

Artek’s Bench 153A in Black is a classic Alvar Aalto design that will never go out of style. While first introduced in 1933, it still looks just as modern today. It’s lightweight and easy to move around, perfect for entryways.

Ferm Living Plant Box - Batten Home

Ferm Living’s Plant Box started as a modern way to house plants, then evolved into an entire collection used for storage, plants, and more. We love how the Large Plant Box is styled above in an entryway, with the Tray add-on used to hide away items and provide a seat.

For more benches, check out this list.

Mount a mirror to freshen up before you leave

It’s always nice to take one last look before you leave the house. These mirrors add character to your entryway.

Georg Mirror - Skagerak | Scandinavian entryway furniture - Batten Home

If you’re drawn to the Georg Console Table and Georg Bench, the Georg Mirror will complete your set.Nordic designer Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm uses solid oak legs that allow you to lean the mirror comfortably against a wall. The legs are made with ethically sourced FSC-certified Oak with a black stained option available as well.

Large Pond Mirror - Ferm Living | Scandinavian entryway furniture - Batten Home

Add softness to your entryway with the bestselling Large Pond Mirror from Ferm Living, perfect for mirror pictures and conversation starters. Its shape is inspired by the organic shapes of natural ponds.

Nimbus Mirror - MENU | Scandinavian entryway furniture - Batten Home

More than just a looking glass, the rectangular Nimbus Mirror with a halo-like frame is a space-defining addition to your entryway. Surrounded by a bronzed or brushed brass frame, held in place with decorative screws, it comes in plenty of sizes so you can find the right one for your space.

Warm it up with a durable rug

Pappelina Rugs

Entryways get the most foot traffic. A durable rug is a must. We love Pappelina’s hand-woven plastic rug runners that are ready to handle whatever comes through your door. Explore them all here.

Looking for more entryway furniture ideas? We have you covered. 

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