Tray Shelf - Low


The Tray Shelf is a vivid shelving system with straight lines, aesthetic symmetry, and a simple expression. Designed to create various possible arrangements of the tray, the Tray Shelf system is dynamic and personal for your space, drawing inspiration from Japanese minimalism for its elegant expression and German in its solid and thorough construction. Take the trays and place them on the different levels in the frame. Gaps in the shelving system are created by moving the small trays, which allow taller objects to be placed in the open space.

Available in 7 configurations in White Pigmented Oak, Black Painted Oak, Walnut, Oak/Black, and Walnut/Black.

A black leather strap is included to fix the shelving system permanently to the wall.

The Low Tray Shelf is constructed with two wide and one short shelf.

Also Available: Tray Shelf - High

Dimensions: 39.3"W x 31.8"H x 15.7"D

Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery

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