Logs Mirror


Inspired by the serene ambiance of Nordic birch forests, the WOUD Logs Mirrors derive their name from this natural muse. Reflecting the repetitive patterns found in dense forests, these mirrors feature an aesthetically versatile design that mirrors the uniform shape of trees. While inherently static, they exude a soft organic quality. Arrange the individual mirrors at varying heights to create a wavy effect, allowing for personalized expressions ranging from artistic compositions to balanced arrangements. Available in sets of three or five mirror slats, or combined for enhanced decorative impact, each set includes a fixed color composition that can be arranged according to your preference.

Dimensions: 45.3"H x 0.99"D │  Set of 3: 14.17"W │ Set of 5: 23.6"W

Material: Set of 3: 1 smoked and 2 clear mirrors glass │ Set of 5: 1 smoked, 1 bronze and 3 clear mirrors glass

Shipping Info: Typically ships in 4-6 weeks

Please Note: Two wall brackets included. The mirrors can be placed both horizontally and vertically

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