Cono Pendant Lamp (3 Shades)


The Cono series pays tribute to Benny Frandsen, a great Danish lighting designer and manufacturer. Cono is made unique by the combination of classic geometric shades with a minimalistic yet soft visual expression, enhanced by the matte silky surface. The name Cono is inspired by the mathematical form Conoid, referencing how the light emits a conical-shaped spotlight.

Frandsen aims to design timeless pieces for those who appreciate high quality and aesthetics. To him, it is essential to create a lighting design that brings continuous enjoyment while providing a desirable light for both pleasure and business.

The Cono Pendant Lamp comes in Black with a 9.8' fabric-covered cord. See the full Cono Lighting series here. Or, take a look at the Cono Pendant Lamp with 2 Shades.

Dimensions: 14.1"W x 19.6"H

Shipping Info: Typically Ships in 2-3 weeks

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