Transparent Speaker - Black


The Large Transparent Speaker in White gives a powerful yet balanced sound that fills any room. Crafted from aluminum and tempered glass, this speaker is designed to be as much an interior object as a great piece of technology. Comes with Bluetooth™ 5.0 but it is also ready for whatever tech might be useful in the coming years––an aspiration to become better over time.

Also Available: Transparent Speaker - White

Sweden-based Transparent is on a mission to become the first circular tech brand by making timeless and modular electronics that get better with age––all Transparent speakers can be repaired and upgraded over the years rather than replacing the entire product. The name 'Transparent' is based on the speakers themselves, which are designed so that they blend into any space rather than standing out as a tech object. Transparent prioritizes recycled sources by working with mostly aluminum and glass in an effort to reduce electronic waste. The use of glass gives each speaker a transparent look, allowing listeners to get closer to the music.

Transparent Speaker Tech Specifications:

  • Wireless: Bluetooth™ 5.0 and ''True Wireless'' dual speaker streaming compartment in the bottom with USB power supply
  • Compatible with Apple AirPlay, Amazon Echo and Google Cast
  • Upgradable: Can host a 3rd party Wifi, multiroom or voice control module inside.
  • Cables: 2 X Audio Cables (long and short), 2 X Power Cables (mains and USB)
  • Wall mount: Brackets and screws included
  • L/R Drivers: 2 x 3'' (Full Range)
  • Woofer: 1 x 6.5''
  • Amplifier: Class D built-in (Active)
  • Rated power: 100-120W
  • Sealed Cabinet Volume: 20,49 lb
  • Frequency Response: 35 Hz - 20 kHz ±5dB
  • High-Quality Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Speaker control knob (and on/off)
  • Front Controls: Volume
  • True wireless: Yes
  • Materials: Aluminium, Tempered Glass

Dimensions: 16.97" x 13" x 4.65"

Shipping Info: Typically ships in 3-5 days

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