Atlantis Umbrella Ø330

$1,119.20 $1,399

The Atlantis Umbrella by Skagerak offers a perfect escape from the sunshine, allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors with a little shade. We love this outdoor essential styled overtop of a dining  table or lounge chair, but it's beautiful shape and colours can be appreciated anywhere in the backyard space.

The Atlantis Umbrella is made from a leather-reinforced fabric, while the foot of the wooden pole is metal-reinforced for added protection from every day elements. This item also features a double-pulley system - which simplifies the process of folding and unfolding the umbrella.

Pair this with the Skagerak Capri Umbrella Foot

Dimensions: 129"W x 109"H | Pole 1.8"D
In Stock: This item is currently in stock and will ship in 3-5 business days from our US based warehouse.

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