Normann Copenhagen

Step Vase


The Step Vase gets its name from the creation process. The shapes are built, step by step, from horizontal layers of glass, which come together to create a beautiful surface texture and dazzling appearance. Since the vases aren't completely circular, each vase has a different appearance depending on the angle at which you view it. The series comes in three sizes in brown, clear glass, or blue. The different sizes make them suited for all different kinds of flower and greenery arrangements.

Material: Molded fully colored glass

Dimensions: 16cm: 6.29"H x 8.66"L x 7.67"D x 6.49" Dia | 23cm: 9.05"H x 9.05"L x 6.69"D x 4.52" Dia | 31cm: 12.2"H x 7.87"L x 5.51"D x 2.36" Dia

Product Care: Dishwasher safe.

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