Normann Copenhagen

Shorebird - Large


In classic Scandinavian style, the Shorebird series is from Icelandic designer Sigurjón Pálsson. Turned from solid oak, ash, or walnut, their simple unadorned silhouette is filled with little details and variations between the three sizes. Each size bird has its own unique personality. The Large Shorebird is inspired by the curlew, with a long neck and a downwardly bent beak. The Medium Shorebird is alert and active, resembling a redshank bird. The Small Shorebird is like a sandpiper, a sociable little bird often found in a large flock.

We love arranging Shorebirds in various sizes and hues on a sideboard, shelf, or console table. 

Take a look at the Small Shorebird and Medium Shorebird.

Material: Solid oak, ash or walnut. Legs in lacquered, black-plated or brass-plated steel.

Dimensions: 5.51"H x 8.66"L x 2.55"D 

Product Care: Clean with a damp cloth.

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