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Rib Sideboard


The Rib Sideboard is part of the Rib collection, beautiful storage furniture that comes in lacquered oak veneer or painted and lacquered oak veneer. Both the cabinet and sideboard have shelves that can be removed or adjusted at different heights so it's easy to store whatever you need.

The Rib Sideboard is a larger storage unit, perfectly suited to be a TV stand or used in a hallway to store shoes, bags, and other everyday objects.

The Rib Cabinet is more compact than the sideboard, making it perfect for storage in the bedroom, or in the dining area for cutlery and tableware.

Use them together for the ultimate storage solution or on their own - we love mixing the Oak and Soft Black for a dynamic and rich look.

Material: Lacquered oak veneer or painted and lacquered oak veneer

Dimensions: 34.05"H x 17.71"W x 62.59"L

Assembly Instructions

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