Normann Copenhagen

Mesh Knives


With soft contours and adorned grips, the Mesh knives feature a delicate lattice pattern that appears as a natural part of the knife, embracing the handle like a subtle skin and providing a secure grip. The weight balance between the grip and blade is finely tuned and everything about the design is user-friendly.

Designed for Normann Copenhagen by Simon Legald, Mesh knives are made from durable matte stainless steel that withstands wear from everyday use.

Material: Stainless Steel

Dimensions: Vegetable Cleaver: 2.55"H x 12.4": x 0.9" D | Utility Knife: .98"H x 9.64"L x .9"D

Product Care: Not suitable for dishwasher. Wash by hand and wipe thoroughly.

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