Normann Copenhagen

Jalousi Sideboard


The Jalousi series is characterized by its minimalist appearance and contrasting mix of materials. The sideboard, low cabinet, and high cabinet all feature practical rolling shutters in grey, dark green, or dark blue. Designer Simon Legald took a different approach to a louvre shutter inspired by the way a conveyor belt runs around in a circle as well as the links in a watch strap. 

The shutters run in a track hidden in the cabinet back, where a pulley system ensures that it glides smoothly. We love how the colored shutters contrast with the oak veneer cabinet body supported by solid oak legs.

This versatile collection can be used anywhere you need storage, whether it's an office, dining room, hallway, or living room. The shelves are movable so you can adapt the cabinets to meet your personal storage needs.

Also Available: Jalousi Cabinet - Low | Jalousi Cabinet - High

Material: MDF, Oak veneer, ABS

Dimensions: 29.52"H x 63.38"L x 15.74"D

Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery

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