Normann Copenhagen

Bit Stool

$246.50 $290

The Bit Stool by Normann Copenhagen is a fun and functional addition to any space in your home. We love this styled as a pedestal or side table, but it can also provide additional seating when needed. 

The Normann Copenhagen bit stool comes in four different colorways including White, Black, White Multi and Black Multi. These are perfect for a modern or contemporary setting - neutrals could work well in any space while the multi-color options are a fun way to bring color into your favorite room. 

Also Available: Bit Stool Cone | Bit Stool Stack

The Bit Stool is made from low density polyethylene, using a rotational molding technique, and can be easily cleaned and cared for with a damp cloth. 
Dimensions: 16.5"H x 14.17"D

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