Normann Copenhagen

Bit Counter Stool


The Normann Copenhagen Bit Counter Stool features a unique construction utilizing recycled household and industrial plastic waste, creating a pixelated aesthetic and robust surface. This innovative material blend lends durability suitable for indoor and outdoor use, enduring temperatures ranging from 14°F to 122°F. The Bit collection extends beyond stools, offering lounge chairs, side tables, and coffee tables, available in a diverse array of colors. Each piece showcases individuality through variations in pattern and color, adding a touch of uniqueness to every Bit.

Also Available: Bit Stool, Bit Stool Stack, Bit Stool Cone, Bit Lounge Chair, Bit Barstool, Bit Side Table, Bit Coffee Table

Dimensions: 25.59“H x 16.14“Dia

Shipping Info: Typically Ships in 8 weeks

Material: 95% Low Density Polyethylene Industrial Waste, Virgin PE 5%.

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