Normann Copenhagen

Bell Pendant Lamp


The Normann Copenhagen Bell Pendant Lamp is a striking blend of industrial design and welcoming aesthetics. Crafted by designers Andreas Lund and Jacob Rudbeck, it draws inspiration from the iconic bell shape, boasting a robust yet elegantly simple form.

The lamp's rounded silhouette and matte finish exude a sense of solidity, while its white interior reflects light in a cone-like manner, offering practical illumination for various settings. Attention to detail shines through in the contemporary connection between the cord and the lamp, showcasing a sleek, contrasting interplay of materials—smooth aluminum juxtaposed with soft rubber.

Ideal for home decor or professional spaces, the Bell lamp finds its place seamlessly in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and offices. Its versatility allows for diverse installations—hang multiple sizes together for a stunning visual impact, opt for a large Bell as a statement piece over a dining table, or create charming pairs in the kitchen. Wherever placed, the Bell pendant lamp effortlessly elevates any room with its distinctive design and adaptable functionality, offered in various sizes and colors.

Dimensions: X-Small: 9.05"H x 8.66" Dia , Small:  14.56"H x 1377" Dia, Medium: 17.32"H x 16.53" Dia, Large: 22.44"H x 21.65" Dia

Shipping Info: Typically ships in 3-4 weeks

Light Source: G9 Halogen. 20 Watt bulbs are recommended for X-small. US E26 (big socket). Low-energy 9 Watt bulbs are recommended for all other options.

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