Normann Copenhagen

Hyg Chair Steel


The Norman Copenhagen Hyg Chair series is Inspired by the Danish term hygge. Designed by Simon Legald, for Norman Copenhagen, the series was introduced in 2018 and originally consisted of a 2-seater sofa, lounge chairs and a footstool. In 2020, the range expanded with a chairs and barstools that all share the same characteristics of the lounge series: the hearty, organic curves designed with a focus on sublime comfort. Available in 5 colors which feature matching steel bases, the Hyg Chair Steel is comfortable, with a supportive but flexible shell, made from Polypropylene.

Dimensions: 33.07"H x 21.25"L x 21.85"D | Seat Height: 18.11" | Weight 13.66lb

Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery

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