Nedre Foss

Nunatak Candelabra


The Nedre Foss Nunatak Candelabra is a four-armed candelabra in cast iron designed by Anderssen & Voll.

Made from 5900 grams of cast GG20 iron, the unique texture of the Nunatak is seasoned with linseed oil at 450 ºC.

"The shape resembles something architectural; like a skyline or a structure of towers, but it brings to mind something organic too; like deer antlers. It also reminds us of geological formations, reflected in the name Nunatak: a hill or mountain completely surrounded by glacial ice."

Perfect as the centerpiece on large dining tables, or as a sculptural object on a sideboard or bookcase, the Nunatak Candelabra is a statement piece that adds plenty of interest in any enviroment.

Dimensions: 9.3"H x 17.3"W x 7.3"D

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