Kink Vase


The Kink Vase by MUUTO was designed by Earnest Studio as a unique answer to the traditional shapes found in most contemporary vases. The kink and curves of the Kink Vase create a playful and unexpected shape, with two openings that share one base of water. Create a lush and full arrangement or play into its simple design with just a handful of minimal stems.

We love the Kink Vase styled on a credenza or side table, but it is also such a special and beautiful vase that it can be displayed anywhere it can be admired daily. 

The MUUTO Kink Vase is thoughtfully created using pigmented porcelain which is glazed on the inside and unglazed on the outside giving it a perfectly matte finish.

Dimensions: 10.8"L x 10.3"H

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