Fiber Bar Stool - Wood Base


The Fiber Bar Stool with Wood Base by MUUTO was designed by Iskos-Berlin as an updated version of the already popular and original MUUTO shell chair. The Copenhagen-based team of two is known for their contributions to the design world via furniture and lighting and their work has been featured at both the Danish Design Museum and MoMA - making their collaboration with MUUTO and the Fiber Armchair collection opulent and iconic.

The Fiber Bar Stool is made from a unique combination of plastic and wood fibers, which allow it to offer texture with a modern and simplified shape to any room it's used in. Its matted material is soft and perfectly complimented by a strong and thoughtfully paired wooden base, which adds a touch of warmth and detail to the bar stool. 

We love it styled at the ledge of a breakfast nook, where it can be tucked under for more space when not in use. Its surface is easy to clean, and high quality materials allow the Fiber Bar Stool to last a lifetime when properly cared for. 

The MUUTO Fiber Bar Stool with Wood Base is currently available in 2 different fiber shell options, as well as 1 additional upgraded textile in the Refine Leather Color Options.

Dimensions: 29.9"H x 25.5"W | Seat Height 29.5"H

Shipping: Typically Ships in 2-4 weeks

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