Dedicate Wall Lamp


The MUUTO Dedicate Wall Lamp reimagines the timeless architect lamp with a modern flair, seamlessly blending design and functionality. Precision-engineered, it boasts integrated cooling ribs, high-quality lighting, dimming capabilities, and an auto-turn-off feature. Its flexible arms ensure stability while saving valuable floor and table space. This space-saving design proves especially beneficial in smaller rooms or areas with limited space, promoting a clutter-free and orderly environment.

Also Available: Dedicate Table Lamp


  • S1: 13.66“H x 4.37“W 

  • S2: 14.8“H x 15.31“W 

  • L2: 19.45“H x 19.92“W 

Shipping Info: Typically Ships in 2-3 weeks

Material: The lamp head and hinges are in die-casted aluminum, and the lamp arms are in extruded aluminum. All powder coated.Table base in machined steel. Clamp in die-casted aluminum and screw in stainless steel. Pin in machined steel screw and fixing nut.

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