Louis Poulsen

VL45 Radiohus Pale Rose Pendant


The Louis Poulsen VL45 was originally designed during the 1940s for the Radiohuset building in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen and designed by famed Danish architect Vilhelm Lauritzen. The globe shade is made of smooth opal glass which encases the light source emitting a beautifully balanced, diffused, glare-free illumination. The opening at the bottom of the glass produces downwards directed light.

When introduced, the VL45 quickly became one of Louis Poulsen's most popular light fixtures.

The Radiohus Pendant provides uniform, general and diffuse illumination. The quality of the glass ensures that the fixture is evenly lit.

Available in 2 sizes

Also Available: VL45 Radiohus Suspension Lamp


Small: 6.9"W x 9.7"H x 6.9"L 

Medium: 9.8"W x 12.9"H x 9.8"L 

Shipping Info: Typically ships in 6-10 days

Material: Mouth-blown pale rose colored glass with white inside. Untreated brushed brass

Please Note: Untreated brass will change over time and develop a patina

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