Louis Poulsen

PH 2/1 Wall


The Louis Poulsen PH 2/1 Wall, designed by Poul Henningsen, is part of this three-shade family, which includes 30 models. Over the years, around a thousand different models have been produced, including table, floor, and wall lamps, as well as chandeliers popular in the 1930s. The lights were available in various colors and sizes, with shades initially made of metal and later of glass. The design, based on the logarithmic spiral, ensures even light distribution and reduced glare. The model numbers refer to the shade sizes, with 'hybrid' models like the PH 2/1 Wall featuring a 7.8" top shade and smaller lower shades for versatility.

Dimensions: 11.4"W x 9.3"H x 14.4"L 

Shipping Info: Typically ships in 6-10 days


  • Shades: Handblown white opal glass.
  • Wall box: High luster chrome plated, spun brass.
  • Suspension: High luster chrome plated, spun aluminum.
  • Arm: High luster chrome plated, brass.

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