Kristina Dam

Stool Oak


The Kristina Dam Stool is a thoughtfully modern designed piece of furniture that pairs a classic Scandinavian aesthetic with honest manufacturing and materials.

Made from solid oak in either a natural or black finish, the stool ships flat and assembles in seconds without the need for any fasteners.

Use the Kristina Dam Stool as a side table, extra seating or even as a podium for your favorite object or sculpture.

The Kristina Dam Stool is a handy piece of furniture that can easily fit in to any styled interior or use. 

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Dimensions: 14.17"L x 14.17"W x 16.54"H

Shipping Info: Ships within 1-3 days from our US based warehouse 

Kristina Dam's collection is minimal in aesthetic and classically Scandinavian. The iconic Scandinavian Stool comes in a variety of versions by many manufacturers however the Kristina Dam Stool offers the appearance, quality and a special unique option for your home. The Kristina Dam Stool is available in 2 color options and can also be paired with a complimentary side table and coffee table which features the same design as the Kristina Dam Stool. Use the Kristina Dam Stool as extra seating, a  pedestal to place your favorite vase or plant on, as a bedside table or by your favorite lounge chair. The Kristina Dam stool ships flat and assembles in seconds.

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