SEPIA Nonslip Tray


Meet the SEPIA nonslip tray by KINTO—an elegant, functional piece featuring thick, solid wood handles and a specialized anti-slip coating for smooth serving. Evoking nostalgia akin to cherished old photos, the SEPIA collection adds a sense of comfort and sophistication to your coffee or tea time.

Inspired by antique market finds, these items blend timeless charm with modern convenience. Crafted with a natural Walnut plywood bottom board coated in durable urethane and handles made of natural Walnut, the SEPIA tray combines style with durability. Elevate your serving experience with this blend of nostalgic charm and practical design.

Dimensions: Small: 14.4"W x 7.2"D x 0.8"H,  Large: 16.8"W x 8.4"D x 0.8"H

Quickship: Ships in 1-3 days from our US based warehouse

Material: Natural Walnut, with Urethane coating

Care Instructions: 

  • This product should not be used in a dishwasher, soaked in water, or placed near open flames.
  • After use, clean the surface with a dry or well-wrung dishcloth.
  • To maintain its quality, avoid direct sunlight, ensure thorough drying after use, and store it in a dry place.

Please Note: Handmade items may have slight differences, and each piece may vary in color and grain due to the natural wood used.

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