Kay Bojesen

Datti The Skier, Girl


Kay Bojesen designed these two happy skiers towards the end of the 1940s. The happy girl skier with the red cheeks and big smile is called Datti, which was the pet-name of Kay Bojesen’s daughter-in-law Ruth (married to Otto). The name of the male skier, Boje, was the pet-name of Bojesen’s son Otto. The original wooden figures are very rare, as they were only produced in small series. With their cheerful expressions, this pair of skiers always make people smile, and they are all set to conquer Danish living rooms and homes again in this relaunch. Both skiers are made of painted beech in the same way as the Royal Guardsman. The skiers stand 6.1" tall.

Series: Kay Bojesen
Color: Painted beech
Material: Painted beech
Width: 6.6"
Height: 6.1"
Depth: 2.3"
Note: Wipe with a dry cloth 

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