03 Laundry Soap - Rhubarb and Birch


Indulge in a liquid laundry soap that leaves the clothes clean, soft, and pleasant smelling after every wash. Natural extracts of rhubarb and birch are known for their caring and soothing properties.

HUMDAKIN's Laundry Soap has added agents that provide protection and color stability for your clothes. Use it for your normal loads of wash or wash by hand. Safe to use on colored garments and a wide variety of fabrics. Do not use on wool or silk. Clothing fibers are washed gently, leaving your clothes soft with a lovely and long-lasting clean scent. Pair with the 03 Fabric Softener for a cohesive scent.

HOW TO USE: It is recommended to use 2 capfuls per wash, which is the same as 2 tablespoons or 30ml. This product is a concentrate. Always wash as directed. Clothes that are not colorfast should be washed separately. Do not use the detergent with wool or silk. When dosing the detergent, think about the environment - do not overuse it. Excessive use does not make the clothes any cleaner and is harmful to the environment.

Tip: For stubborn stains, carefully rub the stain with a few drops of the detergent and leave it for 10 minutes before washing regularly. 

HUMDAKIN’s liquid products are free of parabens, dyes, essential oils, chemical perfumes, endocrine disrupting substances, and carcinogens. HUMDAKIN’s products contain allergy-friendly perfume and only mild preservatives. HUMDAKIN’s liquid products are dermatologically tested with packaging is made from reusable plastic.

Size: 1,000ml. (approx 30-35 washes)

HUMDAKIN is a Danish design brand that challenges the status quo of cleaning with a versatile range of products for the modern household. Drawing inspiration from the Danish coasts and forests, HUMDAKIN products contain Nordic ingredients including chamomile, sage, rhubarb, red seaweed, and sea buckthorn. With beautiful packaging and products that are easy to use and gentle on the skin, HUMDAKIN brings more luxury into everyday life.

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