Table B31 84 Teak


Table B31 84 Teak is based on Artur Lindqvist’s original design from 1950. This smaller outdoor table from the Classic series is perfect for a modest balcony or to complement the larger version.

Also Available: Table B31 170 Teak

Grythyttan is a Swedish design brand offering beautiful and timeless outdoor furniture made to last for generations and produced in their Bergslagen factory. Initially started as a horseshoe manufacturer over 90 years ago, Grythyttan shifted to outdoor furniture with the introduction of the A2 Armchair at the Stockholm Exhibition in 1930. Grythyttan's functional outdoor furniture quickly became synonymous with Swedish summers and holidays. "When you buy summer furniture from Grythyttan, your furniture needs are solved for many years to come."

Dimensions: 33.1"W x 28.4"H x 36.2"D

Material: Untreated teak/hot galvanized base

Shipping Info: Typically ships in 2-3 weeks.

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