Fritz Hansen

Utzon Stool


The Fritz Hansen Utzon Stool is a captivating creative expression by acclaimed Danish architect Jern Utzon. Its intriguing appearance radiates an outgoing sense of playfulness. Meticulously fashioned from oiled solid beech, beech veneer, and adorned with exquisite brass detailing, this functional sculpture merges seamlessly into any space. While decorative in appearance, the stool is deceptively comfortable and stands as a testament to Utzon's rare ability to distill complex organic shapes into functional forms.

Designed concurrently with the Sydney Opera House, the Utzon Stool shares the same natural inspirations and maritime influences that shaped Utzon's childhood. The seven smoothly contoured seating elements of the stool resonate with the rounded forms of marine bollards and fenders found in the harbors of Utzon's youth, while the incorporation of brass pays homage to maritime traditions.

Material: Seat: Oiled solid wood, Beech - White pigmented Base: Oiled veneer, Beech - White pigmented
Brass (untreated) details are connecting the seat and the base.

Dimensions: 16.9"H x 17.9"W x 17.5"Dia

Shipping Info: Orders placed today ship late May

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