Form and Refine

Leaf Shelf 1x2


The design ethos of the Leaf Shelf was to create a beautiful, minimal shelving system which perfectly balances aesthetics, stability and packability.

It's design in honest and straight-forward, with the beautifully crafted leg pillars pushed to the outermost point of the shelf to provide an open airy appearance and to also maximize storage space.

The construction while simple is also thoughtful, with fittings tightly concealed underneath the shelving to provide a clean aesthetic.

The Leaf Shelf was also designed and constructed with sustainability in mind.

The entire storage unit has been made from Form and Refines high quality Solid Oak Off Cuts and ships completely flat with simple assembly required. What normally would be considered waste in other factories is now a tastefully designed, high quality, solid wood shelf that's minimal aesthetic can provide a lifetime of use.

Designed by Finnish born designer Jonas Lutz, his intentions in designing the Leaf shelving system was to strike a balance between aesthetics, stability and packability.

The Leaf Shelf 1 x 2 offers an organic and clean expression that's perfect for displaying your favorite objects, holding books or whatever you may need a small, solid wood bookcase for.

Also available: Leaf Shelf 2 x 2

Available in either Natural Oak or White Oak.

Dimensions: 39.37"L x 11.81"W x 22.44"H

Shipping info: Typically ships in 3-5 days

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