Ferm Living

Way Runner


The Ferm Living Way Runner is a beautiful runner although designed for outdoors, works great for high traffic areas indoors also.

The entire Ferm Living Way Collection has been ethically manufactured by up cycling recycled bottles, in fact, there are 148 plastic bottles used to create each Ferm Living Way Runner.

The hand woven recycled polyester gives the Way Runner a lovely texture.

This runner is highly durable and easy to maintain, the look is classic with a slight twist when you consider the asymmetry of the fringes along two sides.

When soiled, the Way Runner can simply be cool machine washed and laid out flat to dry.

The Way Runners Off White / Dark Blue color palette give the series a maritime feel.

Dimensions: 27.56"W x 70.87"L

Shipping Info: Typically Ships in 2-3 Weeks 

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