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Uneru Mini Pots


Featuring an unglazed, rough outer surface and an artfully uneven edge, the Uneru Mini Pots with matching saucers will provide any space with a warm, tactile expression. Made from 30-40% recycled clay, the inside of the pot has been glazed, making it the ideal home for your favorite plants. The Uneru Mini Pots arrive in a lovely wooden box, making them an ideal gift for plant enthusiasts.

Also Available: Uneru Pot - Ø13 Uneru Pot - Ø16

Dimensions: Tall: 2.17"H x 2.13H x D: 2.13"D | Low: 0.94"H x 2.48"W x 2.48"D

Material: Partial recycled raw stoneware. Glazed on the inside. Drainage hole in the bottom of the pot.

Shipping Info: Typically ships in 3-5 days 

Care Instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth.

Please Note: Due to the natural raw material, marks and variations in the clay may occur.

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