Ferm Living

Slope Lounge Chair


Enhance the ambiance of your child's space with the delightful Ferm Living Slope Lounge Chair, adding an organic and whimsical touch. Drawing inspiration from landscapes of rolling hills, this chair boasts soft, wave-like shapes and is crafted from FSC™ certified MDF, available in an inviting palette of colors. Its integrated bookshelf at the back creates a cozy reading corner, fostering a love for books while offering a comfortable seating option. This multifunctional design encourages exploration and relaxation in equal measure, making it a charming addition to any kids' room.

Dimensions: 21.7“H x 17.3“W x 23.2“D Seat height: 10.8" Backrest height: 21.7"

Material: FSC™ certified MDF. Painted

Shipping Info: Typically ships in 3-4 weeks

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