Ferm Living

Serre Cutlery Rest - Set of 4


Enhance any dining experience with the Ferm Living Serre Cutlery Rests, crafted with care from clay that is hand pressed by skilled artisans. Each rest bears distinctive finger indentations reminiscent of its 'Serre' namesake, derived from the French word meaning 'to press'. The set includes four rests, each uniquely finished with a reactive glaze that highlights its artisanal quality. Packaged in a reusable wooden box featuring four compartments, it is perfect for both gifting and storing these elegant pieces between uses.

Dimensions: 0.91"W x 0.59"H x 2.95"D

Shipping Info: Typically ships in 3-5 days

Material: Hand-pressed and glazed stoneware

Please Note: Each piece is hand pressed and unique. Variations may occur.

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