Ferm Living

Ripple Verrines Glass Set Frosted


The Frosted Ripple line from Ferm Living introduces a tranquil, modern twist to the timeless Ripple glassware series. Crafted by skilled artisans through mouth-blown techniques, these items maintain their signature rippled texture and angular shapes, now showcased in an exquisite frosted appearance. This fresh hue accentuates the distinct characteristics of every piece, effortlessly merging age-old craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics. Drawing inspiration from petite, refined glasses traditionally utilized in French culinary culture for serving petite appetizers and sweets, this set of slender glasses adds a sophisticated touch to your dining arrangement within the Ripple collection.

The Verrines Glasses also acts as a lid for the Ferm Living Ripple Carafe 

Dimensions: 2.1"Dia x 3.5"H - Holds 4.7 oz

Shipping Info: Orders placed today ship late June


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