Ferm Living

Oblique Stool

$287.10 $319

The Ferm Living Oblique Stool is an exploration and Ferm Living's fascination for Japanese craftsmanship.

Available in 3 different finishes, the Ferm Living Oblique stool can either be a small stand or a stool and consists of few and simple elements that, when combined, form a sculptural piece that's utilitarian and highly versatile.  

The design of the Oblique Stool was originally intended to be used to hold magazines or used as a small side table, the stool introduces a sense of levels to any room and can be used in any room and however you like.

The stool is available in classic natural oak and black-stained ash, as well as beautiful yellow-stained ash.

Dimensions: 12.99"H x 15.75"W x 11.42"D

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