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Kelim Rug - Squares


A rug can effectively define a space, using color and form to create a cohesive look among the furniture and accessories in a room. The Kelim Rug from Ferm Living reinterprets traditional kelim craftsmanship by incorporating the brand's distinct design language with a strong emphasis on geometric shapes.

Each Kelim Rug is handmade, resulting in slight variations in the weave from rug to rug. The rugs are created using the 'Punja' loom, one of the oldest and most traditional manual weaving techniques. The wool yarn is also hand-dyed, leading to potential shade variations due to the natural properties of wool and dye. The Kelim weave and wool yarns offer a unique, coarse texture, which is a defining characteristic of traditional kelim rugs.

Also Available: Kelim Runner - Squares, Kelim Cushion Square

Dimensions: Small: 31.50"W x 55.12"H Medium: 55.12"W x 78.74"H Large: 62.99"W x 98.43"H

Shipping Info: Typically ships in 7-10 days

Material: 80% wool and 20% cotton

Care Instructions: Vacuum clean only

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